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Irkutsk missile formation (the Vitebsk Red Banner Order of Lenin Guards missile division)

The Vitebsk Red Banner Order of Lenin Guards missile formation was formed on the basis of the 51st Vitebsk Red Banner Order of Lenin Guards rifle division. According to the Directive of the Strategic Missile Force’s Commander-in-Chief of 4 June 1960 the formation took up combat duty.

In July-December 1962, 2 launch battalions of a regiment of the formation took part in the execution of the task given by the Government on the island of Cuba (operation Anadyr').

In 1974 the division was awarded Pennant For Courage and Military Valor. In January 1986 the formation accomplished redeployment from the cities of Yelgava and Shyaulyai to the city of Irkutsk.

Since 1961 up to now the formation’s missile battalions have carried out 16 combat training launches. There are mobile missile systems Topol' with missile RS-12M in service within the division.

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