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Central District

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22.05.2019 (10:34) Military chefs prepare over 50 dishes and bake about 60 types of bakery products at Field Kitchen all-army stage To assess the quality of cooked dishes, a commission worked, which included representatives from all the services of the participating troops.
21.05.2019 (08:21) CMD's drivers win individual race in Military Rally contest Only mass-produced Russian military vehicles adopted for service are participating in the competition.
17.05.2019 (07:45) Team members of all-army stage of Military Rally 2019 arrive in Kyzyl The servicemen unloaded vehicles and made a four-hundred-kilometer march to the place of permanent deployment of a motorized rifle mountain division.
29.04.2019 (18:03) CMD forms team for all-army stage of Military Medical Relay Race contest 41 servicemen were involved in district stage of the contest in Chelyabinsk region.
29.04.2019 (17:59) Masters of Artillery Fire 2019 kicks off in Saratov region More than 100 troops and some 50 pieces of special military hardware of the Central Military District are involved in the competition among mortar units.
26.04.2019 (12:56) CMD's 41st combined arms army become the best at the district stage of Suvorov Attack contest Now motorized rifle from Siberia are preparing for the all-army stage of the competition, which will be held in may at the Prudboy training ground in the Volgograd region.
26.04.2019 (12:33) Russian servicemen in Tajikistan are mastering a new tactical and fire exercise firing from IFV About 500 servicemen and more than 60 pieces of military equipment are involved in exercise.
23.04.2019 (15:27) Snipers from Siberia win among teams from Central Miltiary District In the individual competition participants crossed an obstacle course. During the second stage they fired at special targets in pairs against the clock.
23.04.2019 (12:56) Tank crew from Orenburg to represent Central Military District at Tank Biathlon 2019 all-army stage Preliminaries were attended by teams from combined-arms armies stationed in Volga Region and Siberia, a team from Ural tank formation, the 201st military base and from the Kazan Higher Tank Command School
22.04.2019 (18:41) District stage of True Friend contest starts in Chelyabinsk Region The best dog handlers of the Central MD and service dogs will demonstrate their achievements at the all-army competition dated on the 1st June in Moscow Region.
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