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03.12.2019 (14:19) UAV operators of the Central MD combined-arms army in Kuzbass learn how to work in severe weather conditions About 500 servicemen and more than 20 pieces of military equipment were involved in the performance of the special tasks.
20.11.2019 (14:00) Three international contests to be held on the territory of the Central Military District in 2020 Among them are the Sayan March competition in the Krasnoyarsk region, the Military Rally competition in Tuva and Gunsmith Master in the Penza region.
20.11.2019 (12:45) Over 800 exercises took place in Central MD in 2019 During training events, unit commanders practiced the organization of defensive and offensive operations.
01.11.2019 (16:45) More than 2 thousand Russian servicemen returned to the permanent deployment points after a large-scale exercise in Tajikistan Units of the 201st military base, under the cover of Mi-24 helicopters, marched in mechanized columns from the Harb-Maydon training ground about 200 kilometers.
01.11.2019 (14:45) Central MD received more then 50 pieces of equipment in October Upgraded multiple launch rocket systems "Grad", radar stations of the "Nebo" series, several sets of heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3M2 of the latest modification, as well as mobile spray station of the new generation ARS-14KM.
29.10.2019 (12:18) Russia supplies military technical assets to Tajikistan of more than 320 million rubles The transferred military products will increase the combat potential of the armed forces of the Republic of Tajikistan and serve to maintain peace and strengthen security in the region.
23.10.2019 (14:28) Russian servicemen provided water to more than 3.5 thousand participants of the exercise "Unbreakable Brotherhood-2019" in Tajikistan On the bank of the Vakhsh river, specialists deployed the SKO-10 "Hygiene" integrated water purification station, which is suitable for any source – it neutralizes water from various poisons, deactivates radionuclides, including nuclear explosion products, disinfects from bacteria and viruses.
22.10.2019 (15:46) Armenian peacekeepers to take part in CSTO exercise in Tajikistan for first time The episodes, in which the servicemen of the Republic of Armenia will participate, will include the tasks of patrolling, serving at the checkpoint, escorting columns and others.
21.10.2019 (19:01) More than 3.5 thousand servicemen from six States take part in the CSTO exercises "Unbreakable Brotherhood-2019" More than 3.5 thousand servicemen from six countries are involved in the exercises of the States of the Collective Security Treaty Organization "Unbreakable Brotherhood-2019", which will last from 21 to 29 October. It was announced by Commander of the Central Military District Colonel General Alexander Lapin during the opening ceremony.
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