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Eastern District

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25.02.2021 (05:30) Ships of the Primorsky formation of the Pacific Fleet's mixed forces performed artillery training in the Sea of Japan Today, the modernized frigate of the Pacific Fleet Marshal Shaposhnikov began to work out the elements of the K-2 task.
25.02.2021 (04:00) The second stage of the competition Confident Reception in the EMD ended in the Republic of Buryatia According to the results of the competition, the first place in the second stage of the competition was taken by the command team of the formation.
24.02.2021 (07:12) EMD snipers in Transbaikal are preparing for the Sniper Frontier competition During training, servicemen use modern weapons - Vintorez sniper rifles, army large-caliber rifles, as well as the latest rangefinders and thermal surveillance device.
20.02.2021 (11:00) Army Scout Masters district contest completed in Eastern MD Its participants made a landing, then in harsh climatic conditions made a multi-kilometer march, overcame the Scout's Path. This year, for the first time, army hand-to-hand combat was included in the competition program.
18.02.2021 (04:45) Teams of snipers of the Amur combined arms formation of the EMD began preparing for the district stage of the competition Sniper Frontier Snipers train in overcoming sniper obstacle courses, shooting with standard weapons at targets located at a distance of 800 to 1000 meters, as well as in the handling of other weapons.
17.02.2021 (08:01) The winner of the qualifying stage of the competition Falcon hunting of the Games-2021 was determined in the army corps of the EMD on Sakhalin While conducting the competition tasks the UAV crews performed the standards on deployment and launch of the UAVs.
16.02.2021 (05:30) The modernized frigate of the Pacific Fleet "Marshal Shaposhnikov" completed the first course task In accordance with the plan, the frigate "Marshal Shaposhnikov" in March will begin to pass the second course task, which provides for the performance of a single ship combat exercises at sea.
15.02.2021 (08:45) Air Defence Forces snipers in the Sniper Frontier competition destroy the mock enemy drones The events are held in preparation for the International Army Games 2021.
13.02.2021 (05:47) In Transbaikalia, the qualifying stage of the Confident Reception competition is taking place within the framework of the Games 2021 The best specialists and crews of signal stations will represent the association at the district stage of the competition.
12.02.2021 (06:16) EMD sniper pairs destroyed the manpower of the mock enemy in Primorye at different distances Training is held within the framework of the Games-2021 "Sniper Frontier" competition.
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