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Eastern District

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21.04.2021 (08:15) The crews of the army aviation of the EMD will conduct tactical flight exercises in Transbaikalia Pilots of Mi-8AMTSh transport helicopters will land on unprepared sites, as well as work out the landing of tactical troops, and the evacuation of conditionally wounded servicemen.
20.04.2021 (11:30) The district stage of the contest Warrior of Peace among the military personnel of the Eastern Military District has started in Transbaikalia The best military personnel at the end of the competition will be part of the team of the Eastern Military District and will perform at the all-army stage, which will be held in June this year in Sevastopol.
20.04.2021 (08:00) The district stage of the Games-2021 Sniper Frontier competition has started in the EMD In total, almost 60 servicemen of the Eastern Military District will take part in the district stage of the Sniper Frontier competition.
19.04.2021 (06:45) The missile boats of the Pacific Fleet worked out the combined missile strike at the mock enemy during the exercise The missile boats strike group consisting of four boats worked out the entire algorithm of combat task conduct excluding the actual launch of the complex Moskit missile in the Gulf of Peter the Great.
16.04.2021 (07:30) The crews of the Mi-24 and Mi-8AMTSh EMD in Transbaikalia performed training flights at night During the training flights, the crews performed search and destruction of ground targets of the mock enemy.
15.04.2021 (16:00) Artillerymen of the Army Corps of the EMD on Sakhalin hit all targets during a control check During the shooting, the servicemen, using 152-mm self-propelled howitzers "Gyacint-S" and multiple rocket launchers "Grad", created an impassable barrage zone in the path of a mock enemy.
14.04.2021 (10:45) The crews of Iskander operational-tactical missile system of the Eastern MD deliver missile strikes against the targets of the mock enemy in Transbaikalia During the training, the missilemen of the combined arms army of the Eastern MD marched into positional areas, completed the tasks of deploying launchers and conducted training missile launches at targets.
07.04.2021 (05:00) The crews of the S-300 air defence system with electronic launches destroyed high-altitude targets in the Transbaikal territory The anti-aircraft gunners fulfilled the standards for the deployment of the S-300 air defence system, search, detection, classification, and tracking of air targets.
07.04.2021 (03:00) The frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov successfully launched a Kalibr cruise missile at a surface target The cruise missile successfully hit a target at a distance of 100 kilometers – a special sea shield that mimic a surface ship.
06.04.2021 (10:28) In Primorye, the crews of the air regiment of the air defence and air force practice tactical schemes for conducting air combat against mock enemy aircraft Particular attention was paid to piloting aircraft using offensive and defensive maneuvers at different ranges of altitudes and speeds.
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