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Eastern District

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18.02.2020 (08:40) The competitions of scouts passed in the Primorye EMD combined arms formation Having overcome the "Scout trail" at the combined arms range, the best was the reconnaissance department of the motorized rifle unit stationed at the "Sergeyevsky" garrison in Primorye.
17.02.2020 (06:00) The best service dogs will represent the EMD Primorye combined arms formation at the district competition "True friend" Military personnel and their pets overcome obstacles and practice various exercises at the dog training camp of the motorized rifle formation in Ussuriysk.
13.02.2020 (14:18) Army international games 2020 competition first stage has started in Primorsky Krai Competitions are held in the units of the Primorsky combined arms formation of the Eastern Military District with the participation of about 300 soldiers and the involvement of more than 40 units of military equipment.
10.02.2020 (12:59) The first stage of the "Tank biathlon" and "Suvorov attack" competitions has started in Buryatia The crews of T-72B3 tanks and BMP-2 in platoons compete in driving skills and shooting accuracy from the weapons of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.
05.02.2020 (07:50) In the Primorsky territory, the Su-25 fighters of the EMD formation worked out joint actions to destroy the forces of the mock enemy During the training activities, the flight and engineering staff worked out actions for various signals, preparing and raising aircraft into the air.
30.01.2020 (09:21) The crews of anti aircraft missile and gun system "Pantsir-S" reflected the highly maneuverable aircraft air strikes of mock enemy in Khabarovsk territory As part of the exercise, combat crews of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems were alerted and marched, accompanied by military police, to a conditional position area, where they organized the protection of important objects and command posts.
20.01.2020 (04:05) Crews of ships of the Primorsky Flotilla of the Pacific Fleet are preparing to the sea campaigns Upon completion of the elements and completion of the K-1 course task, the crews plan to enter the fleet's sea ranges.
16.01.2020 (05:50) In Kamchatka, scouts of the marine corps of the Pacific Fleet (PF) work out special tasks in the shores of the Pacific ocean In accordance with the plan of combat training of coastal troops of the Pacific Fleet, intelligence units in Kamchatka began performing special tasks in the coastal zone.
15.01.2020 (12:14) EMD anti-aircraft gunners in Buryatia repelled airstrikes of the mock enemy Crews of the Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile systems met the standards for loading launchers, searching detecting and hitting air targets.
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