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Eastern District

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22.05.2019 (04:00) 250 pieces of military equipment to be demonstrated at Army 2019 IMTF The forum will be held in seven cities: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ussuriysk, Chita, Belogorsk, Ulan-Ude and Korsakov. There will be deployed 11 exhibition sites.
21.05.2019 (07:08) District stage of Open Water contest finishes in Khabarovsk By the end of this week, military engineers will go to the Vladimir region, where they will take part in the all-army stage of the competition.
16.05.2019 (04:55) Major amphibious ship Admiral Nevelskoy practises gunfire at naval and air target As part of the training episode, their practical skills were improved by non-standard crews of Strela 2 systems.
13.05.2019 (07:12) EMD's servicemen take part in the second planning conference on international anti-terrorist exercise In September, this year, a command and staff training will be held in the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand, and the exercise itself in the territory of China.
29.04.2019 (11:28) Joint Sea 2019 Russian-Chinese bilateral naval exercise kicks off in China's port of Qingdao It was attended by Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy Aleksandr Vitko and Deputy Commander of the PLA Navy Vice Admiral Ding Yiping who supervise the drills.
29.04.2019 (05:28) Pacific Fleet detachment arrives in China to participate in Joint Sea 2019 Russian-Chinese naval exercise Having moored at the port of Qingdao, a Pacific Fleet detachment was solemnly welcomed.
26.04.2019 (05:00) Signalmen from Buryatia enter three top at district stage of Confident Reception contest The participants demonstrated their professional skills using promising communication system including portable satellite stations.
23.04.2019 (06:12) Second planning conference on Selenga 2019 international exercises starts in Buryatia The parties will agree on a concept, scenario of the upcoming exercise, procedure for moving and accommodating units of the Eastern Military District on the territory of Mongolia, as well as cultural, leisure and sports events.
18.04.2019 (06:35) Pacific Fleet Il-38 crews conduct anti-submarine search in Arctic The anti-submarine aircraft IL-38 crews made a flight to an area of the Arctic Ocean to practise independent tactical techniques to search and classify submarines.
18.04.2019 (06:27) Pacific Fleet and Royal Thai Navy holds joint drills in Sea of Japan Navy men of the Pacific Fleet and Royal Thai Navy practised joint tactical maneuvering and trained to organise communications and signalling.
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