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Teams of snipers of the Amur combined arms formation of the EMD began preparing for the district stage of the competition Sniper Frontier

At the training grounds of the Eastern Military District (EMD), stationed in the Amur Region, the Jewish Autonomy, the best snipers of the combined arms formation of the EMD began training to participate in the district stage of the Sniper Frontier competition.

Snipers who have shown the highest results at the end of the second stage of the competition, train in overcoming the sniper obstacle course, shooting with standard weapons at targets located at a distance of 800 to 1000 meters, as well as in the handling of other weapons.

At the end of the preparatory stage, the participants of the competition will defend the honor of the formation in the third qualifying round of the Sniper Frontier competition within the framework of the all-army stage of the Games-2021.

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