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21.01.2021 (17:45)

The large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet "Severomorsk" went to the Barents Sea to perform combat training tasks

Today, the large anti-submarine ship (LAS) "Severomorsk" of the Kola Flotilla of the mixed forces of the Northern Fleet, as part of the development of planned combat training activities, went to the Barents Sea to perform combat training tasks.

The air defence training against the airstrike of the mock enemy, whose role will be performed by the anti-submarine aircraft Il-38, will be held with the crew of the LAS during this session to the sea. The crews of the AK-100 artillery batteries and the "Kinzhal" anti-aircraft missile systems, which are in service with the LAS, will have to perform combat exercises to defeat air targets — parachute targets.

Before returning to the base, the crew of the LAS "Severomorsk" will also work out a number of elements of the ship's anti-sabotage defence and conduct training on anti-submarine defence and maneuvering in conditions of limited visibility and heavy shipping.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
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