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28.05.2020 (13:44) The crews of the large amphibious ships of the Black Sea Fleet conducted a comprehensive exercise in the sea training ground At the first stage of the exercise, artillery firing at sea, coastal and air targets was carried out, at the second stage loading units of the marine corps were carried out in tweendecks followed by landing of troops on an unequipped coast.
25.05.2020 (12:15) SMD railway troops have completed the preparation of sites for the construction of multifunctional medical centers in Derbent and Khasavyurt The military personnel performed work on the layout of sites with a total area of more than 1000 square meters, sampling and transporting more than 2000 cubic meters of soil, dumping more than 700 cubic meters of earth rocks.
25.05.2020 (07:00) Specialists of the railway unit of the Southern Military District continue to prepare sites for the construction of multifunctional medical centers in the Republic of Dagestan Each division is provided with modern special engineering equipment-excavators, bulldozers, cranes, graders, dump trucks and trucks Kamaz and Ural, as well as tankers and repair and evacuation vehicles.
23.05.2020 (07:01) The convoy of Western MD mobile multi-disciplinary hospital overcame the first 600 km and continued to march to the Republic of Dagestan after refueling It is planned that upon completion of the march, a field hospital with 100 beds will be deployed in the area of Botlikh village.
23.05.2020 (05:00) Military personnel of the Southern Military District deployed in Buinaksk and prepared for the reception of patients a multidisciplinary field hospital with 100 beds It consists of a receiving and sorting, hospital and infectious diseases, sanitary and epidemiological departments, as well as an anesthesiology and intensive care unit, a laboratory for research and diagnosis of tests and samples.
22.05.2020 (09:00) Military personnel of the mobile hospital of the Southern Military District, having made a march of about 400 kilometers, arrived in the city of Buinaksk The convoy includes more than 100 military personnel, including 70 doctors and junior medical specialists and 22 units of special military equipment.
21.05.2020 (10:05) The crews of the Black Sea Fleet frigates "Admiral Essen" and "Admiral Makarov" conducted artillery fire on coastal targets Combat crews successfully hit both visible coastal targets and invisible ones — according to navigator data using an auxiliary aiming point.
19.05.2020 (12:15) The detachment of the NBC protection troops of the Southern Military District disinfected 11 enterprises in the Volgograd Region Military personnel processed more than 200 thousand square meters of territory, including 170 administrative buildings and premises, adjacent roads and building facades.
19.05.2020 (08:39) Crews of anti-submarine ships of the Black Sea Fleet fired torpedoes during training in the open sea The sailors practiced tasks of finding and tracking mock enemy submarine, and also completed a set of preparatory exercises for the use of torpedo weapons.
09.05.2020 (15:49) A parade of Black Sea Fleet ships took place in Sevastopol Bay on Victory Day The parade line includes the "Rostov-on-don" submarine, the "R-60" missile boat, the "Vyshny Volochok" small missile boat, the large landing ships "Azov" and "Orsk", and others.
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