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Southern District

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15.02.2019 (12:25) Engineers stationed in Kuban alerted as part of combat readiness check Having completed a 100-km march to the designated area, engineering troops will meet standards for various engineering tasks to support combat operations of motorized riflemen, tank crews and artillerymen.
14.02.2019 (17:54) Iskander complexes in the North Caucasus and Kuban practise electronic missile launches On returning to the points of permanent deployment, the military personnel of the missile formations of the Southern Military District will continue to carry out activities as part of the combat readiness check.
14.02.2019 (17:04) Safe Route and Engineering Formula qualifying competitions underway in the Southern Military District Six teams participate in the competition. They operate the TMM-3 heavy mechanized bridges, IGM-2 engineering vehicles, and PTS-2 amphibious tracked vehicles.
14.02.2019 (12:18) Highland troops of the Southern Military District prepare to climb the top of Mount Pastukhov in Karachay-Cherkessia In addition, servicemen of the highland motorised rifle formation will improve their skills in orienteering, learn to build a bridge across the mountain river and survive in extreme conditions.
11.02.2019 (15:47) Engineers prepare race track for Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack contests near Volgograd The route of the competition at the Prudboy training ground and the obstacles on it are prepared by military personnel with the help of special military equipment - bulldozers, excavators and graders.
11.02.2019 (11:36) Black Sea frigate Admiral Makarov calls at the port of Limassol, Cyprus Her crews will replenish material stocks and continue the mission as part of the Russian naval group in the Mediterranean Sea.
08.02.2019 (15:55) Seaborne Assault and Depth preliminaries take place at Caspian Flotilla Ship crews will demonstrate skills in anchoring and up-anchoring the ship, fighting for survivability and rescuing people afloat, as well as in combat firing from artillery installations using a floating mine, a target shield and aerial target.
07.02.2019 (15:38) Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack contests kick off at Russian military base stationed in Armenia Some 300 troops and over 50 pieces of military hardware are involved in the competition.
07.02.2019 (13:37) Iskander-M crews carry out electronic launches at night, Southern Military District They also trained to organise security and defence of the complexes at launch positions, and practised to repel an attack of mock saboteurs who tried to prevent missile launches.
05.02.2019 (13:38) More than 200 servicemen took part in qualifying stage of the Safe Environment contest near Volgograd During the specialized relay race, participants overcame a fire assault course, equipped with a cable net, a passage through a ravine on a swinging log, a fire obstacle and a destroyed building.
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