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Southern District

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18.10.2018 (15:31) Russian servicemen complete preparation for Friendship 2018 exercises During the month, motorized rifle units improved their skills in reconnaissance-search and reconnaissance-ambush operations in mountainous areas, and also conducted about 30 mountain training sessions.
16.10.2018 (10:23) Southern Military District troops to take part in joint drills with their colleagues from Pakistan The drills will be held at the Pakistani training centre for special forces in Cherat as well as at the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) in Pabbi.
15.10.2018 (16:00) Coastal missile artillery brigade of Black Sea Fleet alerted Bastion and Bal battalions as well as Utyos coastal missile system battalion have started exercises in accordance with combat training plan.
11.10.2018 (10:32) Su-24M crews eliminate a convoy during drills in a mouth of Volga. Flight, engineering personnel, CSS and signal specialists were also involved in the drills.
11.10.2018 (10:24) Over 2,500 Russian troops alereted in Armenia and relocated to assigned area for examination During a week, staff officers of the Southern Military District will check the combat readiness of units, combat duty and combat training, weapons and military equipment, the morale and psychological state of servicemen, and military discipline.
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