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07.08.2020 (09:15) The Russian military base in Abkhazia receives modern mobile kits for psychological study of military personnel The received equipment makes it possible to more accurately select psychologically compatible crews of combat vehicles.
06.08.2020 (11:30) Minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet Vice-Admiral Zakharyin has completed mine action in the Mediterranean Sea During the training, the crew searched for mines in the designated sea area using various types of contact and non-contact trawls.
04.08.2020 (11:00) In Kabardino-Balkaria, the solemn closing of the all-Russian stage of the Elbrus Ring 2020 competition will take place Today in the village of Terskol in Kabardino-Balkaria, on the basis of the Centre for Mountain Training and Survival, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and prize-winners of the all-army stage of the competition among mountain divisions Elbrus Ring 2020 will take place.
04.08.2020 (10:30) Airborne Troops team win the All-Russian stage of the Elbrus Ring 2020 competition During the competition, the servicemen made a 105-kilometer march around Mount Elbrus and solved 15 special tasks at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters.
04.08.2020 (09:20) Alpine units of the Russian Armed Forces and Rosgvardia completed the final tasks of the Elbrus Ring competition with a march to the top of Mount Elbrus Within the framework of the All-Russian competition Elbrus Ring 2020, mountain units of the Russian Armed Forces and the Rosgvardiya completed the last final special tasks with a march to the top of Mount Elbrus.
03.08.2020 (13:10) The mountain unit of the Airborne Troops is in the lead after completing twelve special tasks at the all-Russian stage of the Elbrus Ring competition The teams descended from the mountains and closed the Elbrus Ring, thereby completing a 100-kilometer march around Mount Elbrus.
03.08.2020 (11:03) Guests of the ARMY 2020 military-technical forum will be able to see dynamic displays of the combat capabilities of military equipment from all regions of the South of Russia via a teleconference The broadcast will be conducted in real time from 14 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the Patriot military-patriotic park at the Russian military base in the Armenian Gyumri.
31.07.2020 (12:33) Preparation of Russian divers for the international stage of the Depth 2020 competition has begun in Sevastopol They practice working in a confined space, assisting an emergency surface ship, maintaining the life of an emergency submarine, underwater welding, assembling a flange, as well as providing first aid when rescuing a drowned person.
31.07.2020 (09:05) Today the participants of the All-Russian competition Elbrus Ring will complete a six-day march around Mount Elbrus Teams from all military districts, the Northern Fleet, the Airborne Troops, the Far Eastern Military School, as well as from the Rosgvardiya of the Russian Federation take part in the competition.
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