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25.02.2021 (18:10) Corvette Stoyky and tanker Kola of the Baltic Fleet have started anti-piracy watch in the Gulf of Aden In the designated area, the corvette began to form a convoy to escort it from the Gulf of Aden to the entrance to the Red Sea. On board the ships of the detachment are marine units.
23.02.2021 (15:53) Corvette Stoyky of the Baltic Fleet finish a business call to Oman On February 15 and 16, the crews of the corvette Stoyky and the tanker Kola took part in a joint Russian-Iranian naval exercise in the Gulf of Oman and the Northwestern Indian Ocean.
22.02.2021 (15:00) The first stage of the competition Engineering Formula started among WMD servicemen in Leningrad region About 300 servicemen and 50 units of special equipment of the formation is involved in the competition Engineering Formula.
21.02.2021 (11:50) The first stage of the competition Falcon Hunting of the Games-2021 was held in Smolensk region About 100 servicemen of the WMD combined arms army took part in the competition.
21.02.2021 (10:54) The first stage of the competition Guardian of Order-2021 between the military police platoons ended in the WMD combined arms army The best servicemen of the WMD combined arms army will be send to the army-stage of the competition in April
20.02.2021 (13:30) Corvette Stoyky of the Baltic Fleet entered Oman on a business call During the stay in the port, the Russian warship will refuel, replenish fresh water and food supplies, and its crew will have the opportunity to relax on the shore.
19.02.2021 (14:15) The crews of the ships of the BF performed shooting in the naval ranges of the fleet Along the way, they worked out the search and tracking of submarines of the mock enemy, as well as depth bombing and mine laying.
18.02.2021 (17:40) WMD tank army has started the final stage of the qualifying stage of Falcon Hunting competition The competitions involve the crews of unmanned aviation of formations and military units of the WMD tank army.
17.02.2021 (18:15) A detachment of warships of Baltic Fleet completed an exercise with Iranian Navy and is heading to the coast of Oman The Russian-Iranian naval exercise took place on February 15 and 16 in the Gulf of Oman and the northwestern Indian Ocean.
16.02.2021 (14:54) Ships of the Baltic Fleet complete tactical missions in the Baltic Sea In the ranges located in the Baltic Sea, the large landing craft Korolev, Minsk and the corvette Boykiy successfully carried out artillery fire at targets simulating enemy ships and air attack weapons.
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