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18.02.2020 (17:11) Guard ship "Yaroslav Mudriy" of the Baltic Fleet completed business call program in Oman According to the plan of the long-range campaign, a detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet will continue anti-piracy activities in the Indian ocean.
17.02.2020 (22:05) Pskov hosted the opening of the first joint Russian-Belarusian tactical exercise of the Russian airborne troops and Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in 2020 During the solemn meeting, the ceremony of raising the state flags of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus was held, according to tradition, the divisions of the two countries marched.
13.02.2020 (14:08) More than 500 WMD engineers went to the training grounds in Moscow and Yaroslavl regions in preparation for Army International Games-2020 The crews of the teams that showed the best result will represent their units at the army stage, which will take place in March of this year.
12.02.2020 (20:20) The selection stage of the international competition "Guardian of order" started in the combined arms army of the WMD Special attention was paid to safety and the correctness of performing of each test.
10.02.2020 (15:49) "Gunsmith Master" first stage kicks off in the Baltic Fleet In addition to troubleshooting, competitors will march using standard equipment towing guns along routes with natural and artificial obstacles.
10.02.2020 (13:10) The patrol ship "Yaroslav Mudriy" of the Baltic Fleet made a business call in Oman During the stay, the crew will replenish water, fuel and food supplies and make a technical inspection of the ship.
04.02.2020 (10:53) Western MD flamethrower units use thermobaric ammunition to defeat mock enemy in the Leningrad region High accuracy of fire was provided by reconnaissance units, which detected and transmitted the coordinates of targets using the reconnaissance systems of control and communication.
31.01.2020 (14:30) Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack contests preliminaries begin with servicemen of Western MD The actions of the participants are evaluated by a group of judges from the formations and military units of the tank association of the Western Military District.
27.01.2020 (16:11) A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet in the Gulf of Aden assisted the crew of a foreign yacht After making sure that the travelers can safely continue the ocean crossing, the crew of the tugboat "Viktor Konetsky" continued the exercise program.
27.01.2020 (14:04) The selection stage of the international competition "Masters of artillery fire" has started in the tank army of the WMD» In course of the preliminary stage, gunners will fire the 120mm "Sani" mortars, meet standards in tactical, technical, special, reconnaissance and physical training.
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