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19.07.2019 (15:42) World's largest air-cushioned landing craft takes part in Navy Day parade rehearsal in Baltiysk In addition to air-cushioned landing craft Evgeny Kocheshkov, more than 20 warships and vessels of the Baltic Fleet were involved in the training of the naval parade in the water area of the Kaliningrad Sea Canal.
16.07.2019 (12:20) Naval aviation to conduct four training sessions over St. Petersburg before Main Navy Parade More than 40 aircraft from formations and military units of the Aerospace Forces, Navy, Baltic, Northern, Black Sea, and Pacific fleets will take part in the large-scale celebration.
11.07.2019 (14:09) Baltic Fleet gunners use Strelets control and communication systems during exercise More than 300 military personnel were involved in the execution of fire missions and 100 pieces of special military equipment were involved, including the Grad multiple rocket launchers and the Hyacinth large-caliber guns.
09.07.2019 (20:54) Philippine delegation visits the Western MD's Kantemirovskaya tank division in Moscow region The Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of the Philippines noted the high training of Kantemirov servicemen and thanked the command of the division for the warm welcome.
03.07.2019 (11:40) Another T-72B3M batch arrives in tank formation in Nizhny Novgorod region The main battle tank T-72B3M differs from the previous version with a more powerful engine with a capacity of 1,130 hp, a reliable set of Relict dynamic protection and higher operating characteristics.
01.07.2019 (16:35) Baltic Fleet corvettes train to search for a submarine in the Norwegian Sea Their crews also trained to repel air attacks from various altitudes and directions with firing air defence weapons.
21.06.2019 (08:32) Artillery units to demonstrate fire capabilities at ARMY 2019 IMTF, Western MD The target engagement control will be provided by the Aistenok radar complex.
11.06.2019 (13:00) Baltic Fleet attack groups train to engage a sea group Having completed their fire missions, the crews conducted a series of training sessions - damage control, anti-sabotage defence, organization of interaction and communication between the ships, elements of joint navigation.
08.06.2019 (19:28) Seaborne Assault 2019 finals complete in Kaliningrad region Over 200 marines from the Baltic, Northern, Black Sea, Pacific fleets and Caspian Flotilla participated in the contest.
07.06.2019 (14:16) Seaborne Assault contest team relay races begin in Kaliningrad region After them it will be possible to find out the winners of the competition.
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