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23.01.2015 (07:57) Crews of helicopters of BF Air Force train to land onto the ship deck In the Baltic Sea water area the Ka-27 helicopters crews of the Baltic Fleet Air Force performed more than 30 landings to the deck of the «Soobrazitelny» corvette, which was in drift and in motion.
20.01.2015 (07:29) MASS «Severomorsk» supplies safety of civil navigation in the water area of the Gulf of Aden Now the Russian combat ship accompanies the «Salamet» vessel under the flag of Panama along the corridor of safety from the Arabian Sea in the allocated point of the Red Sea along a route more than 1000 nautical miles long.
20.01.2015 (07:01) The Su-24 bomber crews of the Baltic Sea Fleet Air Force train in-flight refueling First stage is refueling of an aircraft. And then the hardest training stage comes– refueling of two aircraft simultaneously.
17.01.2015 (07:00) The «Black Berets» won the first prize of the Baltic Fleet hand-to-hand fighting Cup The “Shtil’” Fleet Intelligence Directorate team won silver medals, and the “Druzhina” Air Defence and infantry regiments’ joint team of the Baltic Fleet coastal defence troops won the bronze ones
16.01.2015 (11:20) A lot of advanced troops-carrying helicopters arrived in the Western MD this year Now aircrew personnel of Mi-8MTV-5 has a preflight training. On special exercise machines helicopter pilots are drilling take off and landing on unprepared platforms, and also engaging various types of targets.
16.01.2015 (09:39) Over 21 thousand servicemen of the Western MD will take part in celebration of the Epiphany Festive event will take place in all commands, formations and units of WMD where Orthodox churches and chapels serve and army priests.
13.01.2015 (13:16) The Russian task force has performed communication training in the Transnistrian Region Today the Russian task force has finished its communication training in the Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova.
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