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20.04.2015 (14:14) Formations and units of the Baltic Fleet undergo final inspections Commissions from the Western MD and the Baltic Fleet Commands check the individual training and teamwork of the servicemen.
17.04.2015 (18:20) Servicemen of the Baltic Fleet took part in the reburial ceremony of the Soviet warriors fallen in the battle of Fischhausen Today the town is named Primorsk and its population is 2,000 people. It is exactly the number of the Red Army servicemen who fell here during the fierce battles in 1945, when the East Prussian Offensive was conducted.
17.04.2015 (16:30) Major ASW ship Severomorsk entered the Norwegian Sea Crew of the Northern Fleet Severomorsk ship will continue practicing air defence and antisubmarine warfare.
17.04.2015 (11:22) A large-scale show is prepared for the participants and guests of the military patriotic contest “Yunarmeets” In particular, cadets of the St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School will show a demonstrative battle of a motorized rifle squad using paintball guns whereas cadets of the St. Petersburg Military Academy of Physical Fitness Culture and Sports will demonstrate the most entertaining hand-to-hand combat elements.
16.04.2015 (15:15) Military pentathlon championship held at the Baltic Fleet Over 50 servicemen from 11 teams which represented military formations and units of the Fleet competed in firing Kalashnikov assault rifles, swimming at 50 m, grenade throwing, cross and barrier line.
16.04.2015 (14:10) In conjunction of the military patriotic contest “Yunarmeets” at the Saint-Petersburg Suvorov Military School the exhibition of arms will be organized The exhibition will be arranged in an instructional ground format where spectators will be able not only to observe arms exponents but also to keep them in hand and take photos.
15.04.2015 (18:44) 70% of cargo delivered to the Franz Josef Land for construction of the Northern Fleet facilities Today Mikhail Somov ship left the port of Arkhangelsk with another batch of cargo for the construction of the Northern Fleet facilities in the Arctic.
15.04.2015 (15:49) T-34 tank participated in Konigsberg assault operation will take part in military parade on May 9 Servicemen of the Baltic Fleet logistic support battalion conducted retrofit repair of the tank, which had been manufactured in 1943.
14.04.2015 (15:20) The Baltic Fleet corvette Boikiy destroyed simulated enemy submarine with the unique Paket A small size ASW complex Paket is intended for fighting the submarines and torpedoes within the close proximity to the ship and has no foreign equivalents to some of its parameters.
13.04.2015 (17:14) Northern Fleet rescue divers providing assistance to the submarines in distress The training is being held at the Kola Bay at the depths of 40-50 meters using model of the submarine fin.
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