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16.06.2020 (13:52) The exercise of radio engineering units of air defense is being conducted in the Kaliningrad region The exercise is planned, involving about 500 military personnel and more than 50 pieces of armament, military and special equipment.
15.06.2020 (13:50) Planned tactical flights exercise of the helicopter regiment of the Baltic fleet naval aviation commenced in Kaliningrad More than 10 crews of the Mi-24 and Mi-8 attack and military transport helicopters, as well as the Ka-27 and Ka-29 shipborne helicopters are involved in the drill.
15.06.2020 (06:00) WMD Air Force crews carried out strikes at mock enemy’s positions during exercise Moreover, during the drill, crews accomplished a combat training task on delivering cargo and ammunition to the air base from operational airfields.
11.06.2020 (06:01) WMD military personnel used electronic warfare means to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles during exercise in the Moscow Region The principal objective of the training was to improve professional skills of the electronic warfare specialists of the tank large unit of the Western MD by accomplishing tasks on covering the command posts from the impact of technical means of reconnaissance of a mock enemy.
10.06.2020 (07:00) More than 100 pieces of armored vehicles prepared by servicemen of the WMD combined-arms army for the Victory Parade in Saint Petersburg The crews have finished painting the hulls and running gear of more than a hundred combat vehicles, tanks and armored personnel carriers, as well as cars and trucks.
09.06.2020 (13:42) The Baltic fleet will host the all-army competition "Seaborne Assault-2020" The winners of the competition will represent the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the international competition for field training among marine units.
05.06.2020 (00:15) In the Moscow region, the most delicious district stage of the competition "Field kitchen" has finished In addition to cooking, the food service specialists performed control shooting exercises with an AK-74 automatic rifle and a PM pistol.
02.06.2020 (19:39) The newest frigate "Admiral of the fleet Kasatonov" in the framework of state tests performed anti-torpedo firing In the sea ranges of the Baltic fleet, the ship's crew, together with representatives of the industry, worked out the protection of the frigate with the use of an anti-torpedo from the small-sized anti-submarine complex "Paket".
01.06.2020 (20:34) The research vessel of the Baltic fleet "Admiral Vladimirsky" overcame the Great belt Strait, completing a round-the-world route Currently, the ship is being sent to its base at the Leningrad naval base. The official welcoming ceremony for the ship's crew will take place in Kronstadt on June 8.
29.05.2020 (15:55) The crew of the newest LLS "Pyotr Morgunov" performed artillery firing at sea as part of the final stage of tests Firing was carried out on air and sea surface targets in the ranges of the Baltic fleet.
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