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Perekop Baltic Fleet's training ship completes visit to Cambodian port and heads for the Indian ocean

The training ship of the Baltic Fleet "Perekop", carrying out the planned tasks of a long voyage around Eurasia, completes visit to Cambodian port Sihanoukville and heads for the Indian ocean. The next port of call on the route will be the port of Yangon (Republic of Myanmar).

On its way to the port of Yangon, the crew of the training ship "Perekop" will pass the Strait of Malacca and enter the Andaman Sea. The Baltic Fleet's ship is expected to arrive in Myanmar on November 13. In Yangon, the ship's crew will replenish supplies to the established norms, and the crew will have the opportunity to rest on the shore after the sea passage.

There are more than 100 cadets of the Pacific Higher Naval School, undergoing naval practice,  on board.

During the sea voyage, the cadets are trained in navigational disciplines, improve the skills of controlling the ship in the Southern latitudes of the Pacific and then the Indian oceans in a difficult navigational environment, as well as duplicate the duties of watch officers and navigators.

Special classes and training complexes have been created for training on the ship. "Perekop" has astronomical deck, damage control compartment and six-oared yawls. Up to 300 future navigators and mechanics can take part in maritime practice at the same time.

During the sea passage, the ship will visit major ports of the Russian Federation, where it will make two or three replacements of cadets of naval universities. In 2018, more than a thousand people were trained on board.

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