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More than 1,000 parachute jumps were made in the summer period of training by scouts of the WMD tank army

More than 1000 jumps were performed in the summer training period of this year by servicemen of the reconnaissance units of the Western military district tank army from Mi-8 helicopters in the Nizhny Novgorod region as part of the course on airborne training.

Each of the them perfected the skills of landing on limited areas. At the end of the training, the scouts conducted training at the airborne complex and performed practical jumps from ultra-low altitudes.

For practicing practical skills, parachute systems D-6 and D-10 were used, as well as controlled parachute systems "Arbalet-1" in the range of altitudes from 500 to 3.2 thousand meters.

Planned airborne training is conducted on the basis of a separate reconnaissance brigade of the tank army of the Western military district.

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