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Ships of the Baltic Fleet complete tactical missions in the Baltic Sea

In accordance with the combat training plan of the Baltic Fleet in the training grounds located in the Baltic Sea, the large landing ships Korolev, Minsk and the corvette Boykiy successfully performed artillery firing at targets simulating enemy warships and air attack weapons.

As part of going to sea, the crews of the large landing craft and the corvette conducted a complex of artillery fires at various targets. The crews of the ships practiced the elements of the battle to repel attacks of small targets and air defence. The corvette also fired at coastal and sea targets, and also repelled an air raid of a mock enemy.

The firing was carried out from 100- and 57-millimetre artillery guns and launchers of the Grad-M multiple launch rocket system, as well as small barreled artillery.

During the exercise in the Baltic Sea, the ships practiced an episode of replenishing water, fuel and transferring various cargoes from the multipurpose support vessel Alexander Grebenshchikov and the sea tug Anatoly Ptitsyn.

Also, the crews of the large landing ship Korolev, Minsk and the Boykiy corvette conducted shipboard exercises to combat the damage of ships on the move, NBC protection at sea, and practiced elements of anti-sabotage defence of ships in an unprotected roadstead.

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