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The crews of the ships of the BF performed shooting in the naval ranges of the fleet

In accordance with the plan of combat training of the fleet in the ranges located in the waters of the Baltic Sea, the fleet ships performed artillery firing at targets simulating warships and air attack means of a mock enemy.

In total, more than 15 warships of the fleet took part in the maneuvers, including the corvettes Boyky and Soobrazitelnyi, small missile ships Sovetsk, Mytishchi, Zelenyi Dol, Serpukhov, Passat, missile boats, as well as small anti – submarine ships, base and raid minesweepers.

Along the way, the crews of the ships worked out the tasks of searching and tracking the submarines of the mock enemy, performed depth bombing and mine laying.

When performing firing exercises, the personnel of the radio-technical combat units of the ships, in cooperation with the combat crews of the artillery, worked out the issues of repelling attacks with guided weapons. They performed the setting of false targets with a complex of passive jamming of the near line.

In addition to shooting, the elements of organizing interaction and communication between ships, anti-sabotage actions during parking on an unprotected roadstead, as well as joint maneuvering at different times of the day were worked out.

In the near future, the warships, boats and support vessels of the Baltic Fleet, having completed the tasks in the naval training grounds of the fleet, will begin returning to the permanent bases stationed in the Kaliningrad region.

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