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The first stage of the competition Engineering Formula started among WMD servicemen in Leningrad region

The servicemen of the engineering units of the WMD combined arms army located in Leningrad region begun the first stage of the professional skills competition Engineering Formula of the Games-2021.

At the training grounds of the formation the engineering units will demonstrate the professional skills in handling the heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3, engineering vehicle for clearing IMR-2, machine for excavation MDK-3, tracklayer BAT-2.

During the competition, servicemen will have to act as a traffic support detachment for the unhindered advance of tank and motorized rifle units, carrying out engineering reconnaissance of the specified route for the presence of explosive objects and mine-explosive barriers.

The Engineering Formula contest program included a relay race where each team performed as part of crews to complete engineering tasks. The relay race is carried out in stages, gradually becoming more complicated by the number of tasks performed, directly related to the professional qualities of the rivals.

About 300 servicemen and 50 units of special equipment of the formation is involved in the competition Engineering Formula.

Servicemen of the engineering units of the combined-arms army of the Western Military District daily carry out measures to clear explosives found in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 100 Soviet and German ammunition of various calibers have been removed and disposed of by the military personnel of the compound.

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