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Parachuting history

International military sports council (CISM) is an organization which unites servicemen from 134 countries under the slogan “Friendship through sport!”

Skydiving is one of the applied sports developed by the International military sports council (CISM). It is connected with task performance carried out by members of the Airborne Troops, Special operations troops, reconnaissance units and the Air Force of different armies.

Military skydiving is a kind of military training which allows to master such skills as: landing for accuracy, decision making during a short period of time in the air, free-fall jumps, group skydiving, landing in narrow spaces, etc.

World Military Parachuting Championship among servicemen is held in three disciplines: individual and team accuracy; freefall style; freefall formation. Military parachutists compete in these disciplines every year.

The first CISM championship was held in 1964 in France on the basis of the military parachute school. In 1983, female participants joined the competitions. In 2011, 33 countries took part in the contest, by 2013-2015 this number grew to 45.

In 1992, the Russian Federation became member of the International military sports council (CISM) and the team of the Russian Federation Armed Forces took part in the World Military Parachuting Championship for the first time.

For 20 years (since 1993 to 2013) the Russian team traditionally occupied the leading positions in the competitions among men and women becoming the winner of the CISM regional and world championships. The Russian sportsmen have set up 5 CISM world records.

During the season 2014-2015 the team of the Russian Federation Armed Forces became the world champion once again, the senior warrant officer Dmitry Maksimov set up a new world record in the “Accuracy” discipline. 

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