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19.07.2016 (16:11)

World Military Parachuting Championship begins in the Moscow Region

The 40th World Military Parachuting Championship began in the Military-patriotic park of the Russian Armed Forces “Patriot”.

State Secretary – Deputy Defence Minister General of the Army Nikolai Pankov took part in the opening ceremony of the competitions.

According to him, more than 350 best parachute-jumpers from 38 countries will compete for the title of the best.

General of the Army Nikolai Pankov also stressed that such competitions had become an effective instrument in development of partnership and consolidation of confidence between armed forces of different countries.

“Strizhi” group performed aerobatic elements at minimal distances and intervals during the opening ceremony.  

The Championship includes three elements: landing accuracy, individual and group acrobatics,

Russian Defence Ministry and the CSKA are the organizers of the international competitions in Russia. Russian Defence Ministry has provided An-2, Mi-2, and Mi-8 aircraft for performing parachute jumps. In total, 7 helicopters and 4 military transports will be operated during the competitions.

There are to places hosting the Championship: team and individual acrobatics will be held at the Kubinka airfield, and landing accuracy will be demonstrated in the Patriot park. Everyone can visit the objects hosting the competitions for free.

Russian Armed Forces are represented by best athletes of the Airborne troops and the CSKA.

Jurate Janusauskiene (Lithuania) is the Chief referee of the 40th World Military Parachuting Championship.

Visit special informative section of the Russian Defence Ministry official website to get more information about peculiarities of the 40th World Military Parachuting Championship.

The Championship lasts until July 28. 

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