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Roundtable discussions of the International military and technical forum Army-2016

September 7, 2016

  • Prospects of providing industrial cleanness of liquid-gas mediums and systems related to aircraft
  • Small-sized spacecraft – means of task solution for Aerospace Forces
  • Scientific and technology conference “Modern glues and sealing material”
  • Burning issues of special treatment of modern military outfit
  • Innovation technologies in medical rehabilitation in the Russian Armed Forces
  • Electronic warfare intellectualization and high technologies
  • Informational interaction in complex military security systems
  • Main development trends of military medical hardware
  • Implementation of the Law on contract system in the Russian Armed Forces. Supervision in purchasing sphere
  • Solidity improvement solutions for guard systems
  • Requirements for field water supply in the modern Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Their implementation by the national Military industrial complex
  • Modern polyurethanes: opportunities of usage
  • Innovative paint-and-lacquer coatings and technologies for the Military industrial complex
  • Innovative heat treatment
  • Special purpose composites 

September 8, 2016

  • Scientific and technical prospects of creation and development of education and training systems for Aerospace Defence armament and military hardware
  • Innovation technologies in the medical supply system of Russian Armed Forces
  • Methods and means of chemical control
  • Automobile and tank chassis as basis for mounting armament and military hardware. Problems and solutions
  • Solutions for endurance improvement of robotic complexes
  • Means of detection and elimination of biological contamination: the present and the future. Main trends in improvement of biological protection means
  • Development of means for arrangement of intellectual mine fields
  • Functions of the Russian Defence Ministry as a state customer during the fulfillment of the State Defence Order
  • Issues of military security of the Russian Federation
  • Cryogenic technology and industrial gas
  • Magnets and magnetic systems
  • Industrial acoustics
  • Superconducting material
  • Sensors

September 9, 2016

  • Aviation radio communication and navigation systems: development, production, and usage under the modern-day conditions
  • Import substitution in development of future fuel supply means: the present and the future of production
  • Innovation technologies and solutions of logistic supply of troops taking into consideration the functioning scheme of production and logistic complexes of the Russian Defence Ministry
  • The future of the aviation navigation systems and complexes in manned and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Military outfit. Improvement opportunities
  • Army and the Military industrial complex – catalyst of development of the sovereign Russia
  • Cooperation of the Russian Defence Ministry with the subjects of the Russian Federation on the issues of health protection of servicemen, veterans and members of their families as well as drafted citizens
  • Main development trends in the sphere of mobile measuring laboratories
  • Effectiveness increasing solutions for military topography and navigation
  • Means of concealment of armament and military hardware
  • Innovative IT in the Russian Armed Forces. Software Defined Network. Usage and peculiarities of introduction
  • Filters and filtering systems
  • Results of the contest of individual works among members of military organizations of higher education and research of the Russian Defence Ministry
  • Engineering ceramics
  • Carbon materials
  • Management and capitalization of intellectual property and intangible assets
  • Quality and security expertise of dual-purpose products

September 10, 2016

  • Innovation technologies of autonomous and uninterrupted power supply for special purpose facilities
  • Aircraft dynamics modeling for solution of a wide range of flight tasks. Future development and usage
  • Missile and artillery armament. Future development
  • Military hardware lifecycle management system based on principles of integrated logistic supply and support
  • Building of complex security system at the facilities of the Russian Navy (water zones)
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