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The upcoming Forums include a comprehensive reviewed demonstration programme. It has been extended by events aiming to show guest and participants capabilities of armament, military and special hardware, actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, National Guard Forces Command, and other federal executive bodies, as well as potential of foreign armament and military hardware.

A specialized track is to be equipped at the Alabino training ground to assess dynamic, manoeuvring features and capabilities of automobile and armoured vehicles.

Fire capabilities of armament and military hardware will be showcased at the tank mean line. All types of armament will be involved using different ammo, including anti-tank guided missiles (en route, shortstop and broadside firing) at armoured and soft targets.

Moreover, guest will be able to watch manoeuvring capabilities of armament and military hardware when crossing water obstacles at the Komsomolskoye Lake. The following types of manoeuvring will be demonstrated at the site: waterborne manoeuvring, manoeuvring of assault-crossing equipment, actions of frogmen, and rescue operations.

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