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27.08.2018 (17:02) Aerospace Forces exceed 100 sorties during Army 2018 IMTF Aviation demonstration involved aerobatic Swifts, Russian Knights, Golden Eagles teams, and Mi-8, Mi-26, Ka-52, Mi-35, and Mi-28N helicopters.
27.08.2018 (16:09) Over 50,000 people visits Army 2018 IMTF in Rostov region Last year, more than 25,000 people attended the six-day Army 2017 Forum.
26.08.2018 (16:41) Russian Navy armaments, military and special equipment’s showing in framework of Army-2018 IMTF is over in Kronstadt The forum included a wide cultural programme participated by ensembles. Also the forum involved different sports events.
24.08.2018 (13:30) Army 2018 IMTF starts in Khabarovsk The aviation part of the exhibition is presented by Tu-134UBL, An-12, An-26, Su-35S the newest fighter jet of the 4++ generation and fighter-bomber su-34.
24.08.2018 (10:00) Arms and combat capabilities of modern and promising Russian equipment will be demonstrated in Alabino In a single plan for conducting combat operations, several episodes of the use of the armament and military equipment will be played out in various variants of combat on land and in the water crossing.
24.08.2018 (06:53) ARMY 2018 International Military and Technical Forum of the Eastern MD started in Vladivostok In Vladivostok on the quay of the Pacific Fleet the grand opening of ARMY 2018 International Military and Technical Forum of the Eastern Military District took place.
23.08.2018 (14:39) Issues of ensuring and maintaining law and order between the military police and law enforcement agencies were discussed at Army 2018 IMTF Participants of the roundtable identified the main tasks for the future in the interaction of the Russian Ministry of Defence with law enforcement agencies in lawmaking, protecting life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens.
22.08.2018 (23:50) 72,400 people visited ARMY 2018 International Military and Technical Forum during the second day According to most visitors, the park facilities and viewing platforms are located accessibly and conveniently.
22.08.2018 (22:33) Dynamic demonstration of aircraft technical capabilities within Army 2018 IMTF at the Kubinka airfield The pilots performed a complex of aerobatics figures, including the use of ultra-maneuverable characteristics of aircraft.
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