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02.05.2018 (09:00) Engineer troops will present the latest means of protection for servicemen at the Army 2018 Forum The additional equipment of the kits, depending on the specific tasks, includes a multipurpose shovel or a sapper machete, devices and equipment for remote work with explosive objects, assault ladder, assault shield, hydraulic nippers and a jack, circular saw, combination scissors, blasting machine, special lights and other special means.
16.04.2018 (13:18) Navy CINC admiral Korolev tells how the Navy prepares for Army 2018 International Military and Technical Forum The Army 2018 Forum is of significant importance both for the Armed Forces, and for every service arm and branch, including the Navy.
06.04.2018 (17:47) Chief of the Main Robotics Center of the Ministry of Defence of Russia told about participation in the Army 2018 Forum The stand of the Main Robotics Center will feature new and advanced models of military robotics, created jointly with Russian industrial enterprises as a result of a fruitful and constructive process of interaction within the framework of the development of innovative technologies of military robotics.
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