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Static Exhibition

The Army 2018 static exhibition is organized under a single concept in the format of managing the full life cycle of military-purpose products.

Moreover, on the eve of the 100th Anniversary of Signal Troops, the Army 2018 Forum is planned to house an extended exposition of IT-technologies and systems as well as signal means and complexes.

It is suggested that the National Security Week exposition should be arranged by activity in national security sphere of federal executive bodies.

In 2017, the static exhibition of over 200,000 square meters housed 337 samples of military and special hardware of the Russian Defence Ministry, 18,523 exhibits at stands of 1,209 foreign producers and Russian enterprises of defence industrial complex, and 38 pieces of aviation at the Kubinka airfield.

In total, 229 specialties from military administrative bodies, scientific and research organizations and military educational establishments were invited for expert evaluation of exhibits presented at the Forum.

Currently, there are 295 samples of military and double purpose selected for further elaboration, which had been developed by organizations and industrial enterprises outside the State Defence Order.

The military administrative bodies concerned are now considering proposals on how they could be used by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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