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Pursuant to the Decree of the Russian Government, the 5th Jubilee ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum

An organizing committee shall be formed which is made up of heads and representatives of state authorities, state corporations and leading enterprises and organisations.

Figures of ARMY International Military and Technical Forum

Since 2015, the Army IMTF has proved its status as one of the leading expositions of armaments and hardware, and prestigious platform for discussing development and strengthening international military and technical cooperation.

Figures of the ARMY 2018 IMTF has showed high status of this event.

ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum – Procedure:

June 25, 2019 – opening of the Forum, official part, work of top public officials, heads of state authority, industrial enterprises and foreign delegations;

June 26-27, 2019 – days for specialists;

June 28-30, 2019 – days for the public.

ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum – Structure

The upcoming Forum’s programme will include a static exhibition exposition, demonstration and business programs, as well as protocol, cultural and artistic events.

ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum – Preparation:

More than 2,500 enterprises and organizations have been invited to participate in the Forum. A preliminary zoning of the static exposition is held in the exhibition halls and at outdoor venues of the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center.

As part of an advertising campaign, information is posted on official websites on the Internet. The Moscow transport passenger cards are being issued with the information about the upcoming Forum, as well as commemorative coins (tokens) devoted to the Jubilee ARMY 2019 Forum.

Taking into account the experience of previous events, work continues on improving the information and navigation system at the Forum’s venues.

A draft program of the Forum events is being formed.

ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum – Foreign Participants:

To ensure the international component of the Forum, together with the interested government bodies, work is organized to invite 130 official delegations and enterprises from foreign countries.

Invitations of official delegations from more than 130 foreign defense ministries have been prepared and are being approved by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In order to inform about the events of the Forum, a briefing is scheduled for May 2019 for the military diplomatic corps of foreign states accredited in Moscow.

Also, presentations of the Forum are planned during the VIII Moscow Conference on International Security (April 24-25, 2019) and at international events with the participation of officials from the Russian Ministry of Defence.

ARMY 2019 IMTF – Preliminary Results:

It is estimated that the Forum will be attended by over 1,500 enterprises and organizations which will exhibit over 27,000 samples of products and technologies. The total attendance of the Forum as well as in 2018 is expected to exceed 1 mln people.

ARMY 2019 IMTF – Main Preparation Issues:

As part of organizing the ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum, the main activities are focused on consolidated work of all federal executive bodies and organizations concerned in maximizing the involvement of enterprises and organizations, delegations of foreign states in the Forum, preparing business and demonstration programs, ensuring the innovation level of the exhibits presented, as well as the implementation of the entire complex and activities in the fixed areas of responsibility.

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