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The business programme is formed in accordance with the list of priority national projects adopted by the Presidential Decree, taking into account main topical sections of the Forum’s exposition.

For Reference:

priority national projects were approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 7, 2018 No. 204 “On the National Goals and Strategic Tasks of the Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024”.

It is planned to discuss most topical issues related to state policy and intergovernmental cooperation in defence sphere and in protection of national interests.

In order to enhance quality of the business programme, events will be moderated by well-known public figures, leading scientists, experts and general designers.

The Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre is made up of 46 conference halls and meeting rooms where events can be held with up to 3,200 people simultaneously.

For Reference:

Total number of business programme of the ARMY 2018 IMTF exceeded 11,000, including 2,500 experts.

In order to extend geography of the business programme, participants will be able to use video conference systems during the event.

It is also planned that the Russian Defence Ministry will sign a number of state contract with industrial enterprises.

The Forum will also have conditions for the work of the subjects of international military-technical cooperation to promote Russian-made weapons and equipment to foreign markets.

One of the central events of the scientific and business program will be the III Scientific Practical Conference “Artificial Intelligence. Challenges and solutions.

During the Forum, one of its days will be devoted to working with talented young people, young scientists and engineers, discussing with them promising ideas, developments and technologies in the innovation sphere, writing a “historical dictation”.

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