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State civil service

Civil service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is the most important tool of reorganisations carried out in the country. Its development is seen as a priority in the field of modern state building.

Federal Law № 79-FZ "On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation" of 27 July 2004 is the main document of state civil service. It contains a number of important legal rules that are innovative for the Russian administrative practices.

Personnel selection, which is carried out by the Administration (of State Civil Service) (ASCS) of the Main Personnel Administration of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to contest the vacant posts, helps to form the personnel reserve of the Russian Defence Ministry.

Specialists of the ASCS gather information about candidates, cheque their personal data, as well as information on their incomes and properties. To do this, at the current moment there is close interaction of the ASCS with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Tax Service and Federal Migration Service, as well as the Archives of the Ministry of Defence and the Joint Archives of Institutions of Educational System.

State civil servants of the RF Defence Ministry should have professional knowledge and skills required for fulfilling their duties. Qualifying exams and certification to evaluate the results of their activities are held regularly. It should be noted that today the requirements to civil servants have increased significantly.

Additional professional education’s system provides an opportunity for many employees of the Ministry of Defence to progress up the career ladder. Curricula of career development plans are revised and updated regularly. This is how the staff of state administration is being formed.

Long lasting and effective execution by a civil servant of his duties is always encouraged. For example, this is taken into account, when assigning an employee to a higher position or assignment of the class grade is taken place.

Particular attention is paid in the Ministry of Defence to struggle against corruption. A set of measures aimed at reducing corruption component in the civil service has been adopted. The special commission deals with issues of service conduct of civil servants and settlement of interest conflicts. It works closely with the military prosecutor's offices, law enforcement and tax authorities, as well as with the military control authorities of the Russian Defence Ministry.

In general involvement into the civil service of highly qualified specialists, their subsequent training and regular efficiency record help to solve one of the biggest tasks, that is forming the cadre personnel of the RF Ministry of Defence.

Thus, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are creating the modern civil service as optimal in its size, professional in its composition, effective in its operating results.

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