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Personnel Certification

The goal of the certification program is to certify an individual’s knowledge within a specific subject area, by conducting an assessment against objectively identified criteria and then providing formal recognition. This process is provided by the Federal Law «On state civilian service in the Russian Federation» №79 of July 27, 2004. Another objective of the certification program is to improve public safety through the development and application of specific worker competency criteria that address the needs of workers, and to advance people performance.

The certification is held every three years, and a special certification could be held antecedently if provided for by law.

During the procedure of certification, an individual’s competency is considered, as well as compliance with all legal regulations and restrictions, related to on-duty behavior and other requirements.

Expert committee is formed to examine civilian employees, provided by the appropriate legal act.

According to the examination results, experts of the committee are to evaluate an individual’s qualification. A civilian employee could:

  • meet the requirements satisfactorily;
  • meet the requirements and should necessarily be recommended for superior position, with the purpose of further career development and awarding with a grade rank;
  • could be considered as a competent employee after attending advanced training or qualification courses;
  • doesn’t meet the requirements of the position.

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