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Further vocational education of civil servants in the Ministry of Defence

The organisation of further vocational education for civil servants is implemented in accordance with Federal Law of 27 July 2004 № 79-FZ "On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation".

Continuous education on the base of higher one or secondary vocational education is carried out at accredited educational institutions, state bodies or other organisations. It is directed to continuous professional development of civil servants.

Further vocational education of civil servants includes professional retraining, professional development and probation.

Professional retraining supposes acquisition of additional knowledge and skills needed to implement by civil servants a new type of employment activities.

Professional development is conducted to update the knowledge and to improve the skills of civil servants with vocational education. This is caused by increased requirements to the level of their qualifications and the necessity to develop new ways to solve their new professional problems.

Probation is aimed at studying by a civil servant the advanced experience, including foreign one, as well as at consolidating theoretic knowledge gained by him during learning to programmes of vocational retraining or professional development, and acquisition of practical skills and abilities for effective use in the performance of his position obligations.

Professional retraining and development of civil servants are made as full-time, partial-time ones or on a part-time basis and with using the capabilities of distance learning technologies. Probation of civil servants in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad is made on leave from the civil service.

Civil servants who have successfully mastered the programme of additional vocational training, receive state certificates. This is taken into account in the future during their qualifying exam for class ranks, certification, and consideration of further career growth.

Civil servants, which regularly and timely increase their professional knowledge, have an advantage over other civil servants when dealing with the issues related to determination of the pre-emptive rights for occupying  civil service positions during  any reductions of civil service positions at state bodies, as well as dealing with the issues related to changing wages for civil servants.

Qualification courses for civil servants are carried out as needed but no less frequently than once every three years. Individuals adopted for the first time as state civil servants are directed to qualification course as a priority after their probationary period or six months after their entry into service.

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