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Official regulations

Federal service duties of professional civilian employee are to be carried out due to the official regulations, approved by employer’s representative.

Official regulations as specific instruments are intended to promote a proper selection process of civilian employees, raising their qualification and efficiency of division of labour between supervisors and specialists. Official regulations are also used in case of enrollment in civil state service, examination of civilian employee’s performance of duties, certification process and qualification exams, service planning.

Results of civilian employee’s performance of duties, provided by the official regulations, are considered in case of certification process, qualification exam, promotion, assessment of employment activity, admission to the staff reserve list or reappointment of civilian employee.

Document on official regulations is usually attached to the service contract of civilian employee, carrying out duties on state civil service in the Russian Federation, or to the contract proclaiming vacant appointment within the Russian Federation state civil service. Document on official regulations and other personnel reglaments on service description are available at the Command Authority Archive.

Main requirements to the content and structure of official regulations document are provided by the Federal Law «On state civilian service in the Russian Federation» №79 of July 27, 2004.

Document on official regulations is comprised of:
1) Qualification requirements to the competency and skills, education, length of civil service (any state service or work experience included) of civilian employees, holding an appropriate position;
2) Additional duties, rights and responsibility of civilian employees for bad performance of duties, according to the work specifity and objectives of the structural unit of Command Authority;
3) List of issues, must be solved by civilian employee, or related the field of employee’s competency and could be solved individually;
4) List of issues, must or could be solved within participation of civilian employee, during working out legal acts or making decisions;
5) Deadlines and approval procedure process on working out legal acts or making decision;
6) Instructions related to the cooperation of civilian employees with other officials of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation or State Agency, with other citizens or organization representatives.

Official regulations could include:
1) List of state benefits, afforded to citizens and organizations:
2) Effectiveness assessments of professional service activities of civilian employees.

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