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State guarantees

In accordance with Federal Law of 27 July 2004 № 79-FZ "On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation" in order to ensure the legal and social protection of civil servants, increasing motivation effective discharge of their responsibilities, and strengthen the stability of vocational training and in compensation limits set by law, civil servants are guaranteed:

• equal wage conditions and comparable indicators to measure the effectiveness of the results of professional performance during substituting respective positions, unless otherwise specified;

• rights of civil servants to the timely and full receipt of salary;

• recreation provided by establishing the normal hours of work time, providing weekend and public holidays, and giving annual paid principal and additional holidays;

• health insurance of civil servant and members of his family;

• obligatory state social insurance in case of illness or disability during periods of the civil service or preservation of salaries for temporary disability;

• reimbursement of costs associated with business trips;

• reimbursement of costs associated with relocation of a civil servant and members of his family to another place at transition of a civil servant to another state structure;

• state pension coverage;

• other state guarantees provided by the legislation.

In addition, civil servants, under certain conditions stipulated by law, may be granted the right to receive additional professional education, transportation service provided in connection with performance of official duties, depending on the category and group of substitutable positions of the civil service, a one-time grant for purchasing living space and other additional state guarantees.

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