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Terms of admission

People wishing to start contract service may apply to the Enlistment Offices in place of residence. There they will be interviewed and asked to undergo medical examination after which all required documents will be executed.

The Contract for military service can be concluded by:

  • Servicemen whose previous contract is expiring;
  • Servicemen doing Draft military service for at least 12 months;
  • Citizens in reserve;
  • Non-reserve male citizens graduated from the state or municipal educational institutions or non-state institutions of higher professional education state-accredited in corresponding training areas (specialities);
  • Non-reserve female citizens;
  • Other citizens according to the regulatory legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation.


The Contract is concluded between a citizen (foreign citizen) and on behalf of the Russian Federation – by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation or another federal executive authority which can offer military service pursuant to this Federal Law. The Contract is executed in a standard printed form and is concluded according to the procedure established by the Provision on active service. A person may conclude the first or the new Contract. The first Contract may be concluded by citizens 18 to 40 years old.

The following people cannot be considered eligible parties to the Contract: citizens (servicemen) who have a guilty verdict of court of a court suit underway against them; who have outstanding convictions of crime and who serve their term in prison.
Requirements to citizens wishing to do contract service are set forth in Article 33 of the Federal Law On Military Duty and Military Service.

A citizen applying for the contract military service is expected to meet the medical and professional-and-psychological requirements to specific military specialities. To establish compliance with the specified requirements, the citizen will be asked to undergo medical examination (according to the Provision on military physician expertise) and the process of professional-and-psychological selection (according to the Provision on active service).

Citizens recognized by the medical commission as fit for military service or fit for military service with minor restrictions may be admitted to contract military service.

The process of professional-and-psychological selection will produce one of the following conclusions on the citizen’s professional fitness to contract military service in certain positions:

  • Recommended in priority – category 1;
  • Recommended – category 2;
  • Recommended conditionally – category 3;
  • Not recommended – category 4.


A Category 4 citizen will not be admitted to contract military service.

A citizen applying for contract military service is expected to satisfy certain requirements to:

  • education;
  • professional training;
  • physical training.


These requirements are specified by the Defence Minister of the Russian Federation or the Head of the Federal executive authority which can offer military service pursuant to this Federal Law.

The reasons for rejection of a citizen’s application for contract military service are:

  • absence of positions corresponding to the citizen’s training profile or military speciality in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other forces, military units and authorities;
  • the decision of the military unit Assessment Committee approved by the Commander (officer-in-charge) of such military unit on awarding the Contract to another candidate upon the results of the competition;
  • the decision of the Enlistment Office or Assessment Committee of the military unit on the failure of the candidate to meet the requirements to contract military service established by this Federal Law.
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