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Promotion from an enlisted to a non-commissioned officer

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have initiated a program to establish an institute of professional non-commissioned officers at military higher education institutions (military universities) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. To promote this program, RF MOD launched secondary military training programs for NCO personnel. Graduates receive diplomas of secondary vocational education.

Training programs are free of charge. The length of programs is 2 years 10 months.

When attending the training, trainees are provided with housing (billets or dormitories), uniforms, meals and monetary allowance. Trainees also sign a contract to complete the training and do military service for three years after the training.
Upon completion of the training, university graduates receive NCO assignments depending on their specialty.

Contract service members are granted the following rights:
1. A right to purchase housing using the capabilities of accumulative mortgage lending system (based on Federal Law №102-FZ On Mortgage Lending (Real Estate Mortgage) of July 16, 1998 (as amended on November 9, 2001; February 11 and December 24, 2002; February 5, June 29, November 2 and December 30, 2004);
2. A right to receive compensation in the amount of 600 rubles per service member and 300 rubles per family member instead of annual health resort treatment services and rehabilitation, as well as compensation of round-trip fare to the place of vacation in the amount of actual ticket cost for the service member and his family members (by virtue of the RF Government Resolution 808, December 26, 2005).

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