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13.02.2017 (14:07) More than 1,000 servicemen of the Northern Fleet are participating in the III Winter Military World Games Torch Relay Official flame lighting ceremony was held in the Sami village. The flame will be delivered in Sochi by the start of the Games.
08.02.2017 (09:32) Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Sautin was appointed to the post of the Ambassador of the III Winter World Military Games in Sochi His main mission is popularization of the Games. He is to show the Games as the global scale event connecting nations and countries.
02.02.2017 (05:40) Press conference devoted to the III Winter Military World Games in Sochi is taking place in Moscow Chief of Directorate for Physical training and sports of the Russian Armed Forces Oleg Botsman, Chief of the CSKA Mikhail Baryshev and famous athletes are participating in the conference.
30.01.2017 (14:47) Russian and Italian athletes are the main biathlon favorites of the III Winter Military World Games Twice Olympic Champion Giorgio Di Centa will head the Italian team. Bronze winner of the Sochi Games Ilia Chernousov and bronze winner of the Vancouver Games Nikolai Morilov will compete against the Italian cross country skier.
26.01.2017 (20:14) Introduction of the climbing wall for the III Winter Military World Games was held in the Patriot Park The height of the wall is 15 meters, its width reaches 12 meters, and the overhang is about 7 meters. Therefore, its slope reaches 30 degrees.
25.01.2017 (17:17) Presentation of unique climbing wall complex is held in the Patriot Park in the Moscow region The height of the complex is 15 meters and its width is 12 meters. In total 12 sportsmen (6 men and 6 women) will test the complex.
23.01.2017 (18:27) Preparation for the III World Winter Games in Sochi is coming to the finish line The program of the III CISM World Winter Games 2017 consists of 7 sports: Ski Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Short Track Speed Skating and Ski Orienteering.
13.12.2016 (18:40) Russian Defence Minister headed session of the Organization Committee of the III Winter Military World Games 2017 in Sochi In his speech, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu suggested paying special attention to safety of guests and competitors.
29.04.2016 (16:36) Russia concluded a contract for holding III Winter Military World Games in Sochi in 2017 Russia will host such sports forum for the first time, the programme will include biathlon, mountain skiing, ski race, cross-country skiing, sport climbing, ski orienteering, short track.
21.03.2016 (17:19) Russian Defence Minister held the first session of the Organization committee for preparation of the III Winter Military World Games of 2017 in Sochi General of the Army Sergei Shoigu paid particular attention of its participants to the fact that Russia hosts for the first time such competitions; it means that it is necessary to assert the authority of the Russian military sportsmen.
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