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Dear colleagues!

Please read the information below carefully.

Accreditation for the VI international military-technical forum "Army-2020", which will be held from 23 to 29 August 2020 at the "Patriot" convention and exhibition center has started.

The opening ceremony of the Forum will take place on August 23, 2020 on the territory of the "Patriot" convention and exhibition center (Moscow region).

Please note that all fields are filled in Russian. Data filled in foreign languages will not be accepted for consideration.

After successfully filling out the form, you will see a message indicating that information has been added to the database. Confirmation of accreditation and additional information (about the time, place of collection, etc.) will be sent to the email address specified in the form (5 days before the Forum starts). To obtain personal accreditation information, please specify your personal email addresses when filling out the form.

Russian mass media licensed by Roskomnadzor of Russia and foreign journalists accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, as well as representatives of the press services of Russian and foreign public authorities, are invited to the Forum.

Accreditation will last until 15.00 on August 14, 2020.


Admission to the Forum after successful accreditation will only be granted if you provide a certificate (the issue date should not exceed 3 days) about the absence of a new coronavirus infection. In the absence of this document, journalists will not be allowed to work on the Forum.

You can find out more about the Forum's scientific and business program in the section on our website.

The Forum events will be held from August 23 to 29 at the "Patriot" convention and exhibition center, Kubinka airfield, Alabino and Ashuluk ranges, and will cover all military districts and the Northern fleet.

The upcoming Forum will be attended by more than 1 thousand domestic and foreign companies that will exhibit more than 25 thousand different exhibits of weapons and military equipment.

The scientific and business program will include about 200 events on topical issues of ensuring the defense and security of the state, developing the production and scientific and technical potential of the Russian military-industrial complex, as well as international military and military-technical cooperation.

Russian defense industry enterprises will present their latest developments not only in a static exhibition, but also in the demonstration part of the Forum. For this purpose, the Defence Ministry will allocate about 700 units of modern weapons.

The heads of defence departments and official delegations of different states were invited.


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