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Dear colleagues!

Please read the information below carefully.

From July 16 to August 14 the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation accredits representatives of Russian and foreign mass media to the competitions of the Army International Games-2020 held on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The opening ceremony of the Army International Games 2020 will be held on August 23, 2020 on the territory of the "Patriot" convention and exhibition center (Moscow region).

Please note that all fields are filled in Russian. Data filled in foreign languages will not be accepted for consideration.

After successfully filling out the form, you will see a message indicating that information has been added to the database. Confirmation of accreditation and additional information (about the time, place of collection, etc.) will be sent to the email specified in the form (5 days before the start of Army Games-2020). To obtain personal accreditation information, please specify your personal email addresses when filling out the form.

Russian mass media licensed by Roskomnadzor of Russia and foreign journalists accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, as well as representatives of press services of Russian and foreign public authorities, are invited to the Games.

Accreditation will last until 15.00 on August 14, 2020.


Admission to the Games after successful accreditation will only be granted if you provide a certificate (the issue date should not exceed 3 days) about the absence of a new coronavirus infection. In the absence of this document, journalists will not be allowed to work at the Games.

You can find a detailed program for each contest in a special section on our website.

A total of 19 competitions will be held in Russia: "Tank biathlon", "Field kitchen", "Guardian of order", "Emergency area" and "True friend" – in the Moscow region, "Seaborne Assault" – in the Kaliningrad region, "Safe Route" and "Engineering formula" - in Tyumen, "Military Rally" in Tyva and "Masters of Armored Vehicles" in Ostrogozhsk (Voronezh region). Also the "Aviadarts" flight crew competition will take place in Ryazan, the "Airborne Platoon" contest among paratroopers will be held near Pskov, the "Elbrus Ring" mountain competition will be hosted by Terskol, and "Open Water" competition in Murom, Vladimir Region.

In the Far East, in Blagoveshchensk, the international stage of the competition of motorized rifle units "Suvorov attack" will be held.

At the "Pesochnoye" training ground in the Yaroslavl region, representatives of the NBCP troops will hold their competitions in the "Safe environment" competition.

Novosibirsk will host the competition of recce units "Army Scout Masters".

On the basis of the Penza artillery engineering Institute will be held a competition of repair units "Gunsmith Master".

The anti-aircraft gunners will demonstrate their skills at the "Clear sky" competition in Yeysk, Krasnodar territory.

Military equestrians will hold their competition "Equestrian Marathon" in the Republic of Tyva.

During Army Games-2020, 30 competitions will be held in 8 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Iran, Kazakhstan, Sri-Lanka and Uzbekistan). More than 200 teams will take part in the war games, which include about 5 thousand military personnel.

* Мероприятие / Event
Открытие / Opening ceremony
Закрытие / Closing ceremony
Танковый биатлон / Tank biathlon
Авиадартс / Aviadarts
Десантный взвод / Airborne platoon
Морской десант / Seaborne assault
Открытая вода / Open water
Безопасный маршрут / Safe route
Инженерная формула / Engineering formula
Мастера автобронетанковой техники / Masters of armored vehicles
Конный марафон / Equestrian marathon
Эльбрусское кольцо / Elbrus ring
Верный друг / True friend
Полевая кухня / Field kitchen
Военное ралли / Military rally
Страж порядка / Guardian of order
Аварийный район / Emergency area
Соколиная охота / Falcon hunting
Суворовский натиск / Suvorov attack
Безопасная среда / Safe environment
Отличник войсковой разведки / Army scout masters
Мастер - оружейник / Gunsmith master
Чистое небо / Clear sky
Глубина / Depth
Уверенный прием / Confident reception
Мастера артиллерийского огня / Masters of artillery fire

* Страна СМИ / Country of Media Outlet
* Категория СМИ / Category of mass media organization
* Другое / Other
* Наименование СМИ / Title
* Другое / Other
* Должность / Post
* Другое / Other
* Номер аккредитации МИД России / Number and validity of accreditation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Номер свидетельства о регистрации СМИ
* Фамилия / Last name
* Имя / Name
* Отчество / Middle name
* Гражданство / Native country
* Серия и номер паспорта / Passport number
* Дата рождения / Date of birth
* Место рождения / Place of birth
 Интернет-сайт СМИ / Website
* Адрес электронной почты / E-mail
* Телефон / Phone number
 Дополнительный телефон / Phone number
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