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International conference “Military and Political Aspects of European Security” is held by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on May 23-24.

Problems of European security are being actively discussed for decades. It is possible to state that significant progress in this sphere has been achieved. Effective instruments to ensure security in Europe have been established. Vienna Document 2011 and the Open Skies Treaty are among them. Bilateral military and technical military cooperation between countries is developing. Significant step has been made towards establishing an atmosphere of openness and predictability and made it possible to develop new principles of interstate relations.

Pressing ahead with new ideas in the sphere of European security could enhance the process of increasing effectiveness of joint struggle against modern challenges and threats. All the necessary conditions exist: nonexistence of principle ideological differences, gradual tangle of economic interests, cultural, scientific and business relations between countries are strengthening.

Nevertheless, there are factors, which detain further movement toward implementing the principle of indivisibility of security for all European countries. These factors are: differences in approaches to developing European security architecture, lack of atmosphere of confidence.

The objective of the conference is open discussion of existing problems and generation of proposals how to search mutually acceptable decisions on ensuring equal security in Europe. Additional arguments, which may deliver additional impulse to discussions, may be found in the course of military and technical military expertise of those issues.

Heads of Defense Agencies of European countries, international organizations such as NATO, EU, CSTO, OSCE as well as competent representatives of Russian and European expert and academic society have been invited to attend the conference.

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