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Introduction of the climbing wall for the III Winter Military World Games was held in the Patriot Park

The unique climbing wall was constructed specially for the III Winter Military World Games. The Games are taking place in Sochi on February 22-28. This is the only climbing wall to meet all requirements of all-Russia and international competitions, including stages of the World Cup.

The height of the wall is 15 meters, its width reaches 12 meters, and the overhang is about 7 meters. Its slope reaches 30 degrees. Therefore, not every sportsman can climb such wall.

Team of the Russian Armed Forces is training to climb the wall in the Patriot Park. After the training, the wall will be installed in the Bolshoy Ice Dome. 

The Sport climbing competition is taking place on February 24-27. About 70 athletes from 11 countries will participate in the competitions. 

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