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World Practical Carbine Shooting Championship near Moscow unites continents, countries, cities and families

Seven family teams from the national teams of Moldova, Russia, United States, Spain, Switzerland and Mongolia take part in the First World Practical Carbine Shooting Championship, held near Moscow in the Park ‘Patriot’.

"This practical shooting championship unites continents, countries, cities and families. This is one of the few sports where sportsmen of various ages can compete. Everything depends only on personal preparation," the tournament organisers explain.

The most numerous family of shooters, which came to the competitions, represents Moldova. Five people under the family name Stativka go to firing lines during the tournament, often simultaneously.

Very famous in the world of this sport is the American family of the Miguleks. The head of this family Jerry Migulek is one of the fastest and accurate shooters in the United States.

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