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During the contest "Polar Star" special forces of the airborne forces destroyed the camp of conditional militants

Military personnel of special purpose units of the airborne troops completed training and combat tasks of the 5th and 6th stages of the all-army stage of the contest "Polar Star", which is taking place these days at the Raevsky training ground near Novorossiysk.

During the 5th stage of the competition, the special forces of the airborne forces raided the camp of an illegal armed group and captured enemy vehicles.

From the beginning of the countdown, the groups approached the enemy camp covertly and with fire from AK-74M assault rifle, PKM and Pecheneg machine guns, RPG-7D hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and SVDS sniper rifles hit about 60 targets at a range of 100 to 550 m.

At the 6th stage of the competition, the military personnel worked out the withdrawal after completing the task on the captured car and evacuation from the designated place by Mi-8AMTSh helicopters.

For 200 m before the finish of the march, the scouts had to overcome an obstacle course consisting of a dynamic wall, an inclined ladder, a blockage, a wall with a break, a fence and a ditch.

In the next final stage of the all-army competition, hand-to-hand fights will be held among military personnel according to the rules of army hand-to-hand combat.

The all-army competition for field training "Polar Star" is held among the 100 most trained scouts of special purpose units of the airborne troops, in preparation for the Army international games 2020.

The award and closing ceremony of the competition will take place on the territory of the military unit near Novorossiysk on July 11.

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