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The  Ministry  of  Defense  of  the  Russian Federation is holding the IX Moscow Conference on  International  Security  on  22-24  of  June, 2021,  where  the  most  urgent  problems  and trends in the field of international military policy will be traditionally discussed.

The  COVID-19  pandemic  has  made  significant changes in the system of international contacts, intensified a number of former contradictions. We are witnessing how a new world order and forms of interaction in the field of security are being formed.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the dialogue between heads of defense agencies and subject matter experts was actually hampered. Many international  events,  including  the  Moscow forum, were cancelled.

In 2021, there are positive trends in overcoming new  coronavirus  infection.  Vaccination  of  the population  and  the  experience  of  medical personnel  will  allow  us  to  expand  contacts between countries and continents and provide an opportunity for direct dialogue.

The  program  of  the  forum  includes  the  most urgent issues of the contemporary global and regional  security  agenda,  in  the  solution  of which the key role belongs to defense agencies.

During  the  conference  all  necessary  anti-epidemiological measures will be taken.

The forum traditionally brings together Defence Ministers, Heads of International organizations, nongovernment experts and world’s think-tank representatives.

General of the Army Sergey Shoygu
Minister of the Defense of the Russian Federation

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