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30.10.2015 (07:36)

Only within the last month the Air Force and Air Defence formations of the Southern MD received over 10 new aircraft and helicopters

In October, the 4th Air Force and Air Defence Army of the Southern MD has received over 10 new aircraft and helicopters – Su-34 fighter-bombers, Su-30SM multirole fighters and Mi-8AMTSh Terminator transport-combat helicopters.

The Su-34 fighter-bomber is a 4++ generation aircraft. Among its peculiarities – increased range of up to 4 000 km, max. speed of up to 1900 km/h as well as advanced fire control system. The aircraft has also received a new 30mm cannon and the payload has increased up to 8 tons.

The two-seat fighter Su-30SM can be also used as an attack aircraft and a bomber. It can engage with equal effectiveness air, ground and surface targets. The aircraft can cover up to 3 000 km, its max. speed is over 2000 km/h, combat payload – up to 8 tons; the aircraft is equipped with a 30mm cannon.

Mi-8AMTSh has been developed on the basis of a multirole Mi-8AMT helicopter. Thanks to its radar equipment and powerful armament, the helicopter has become an assault one. It has a machine gun, which covers its back zone. Guided missiles enable it to eliminate ground and aerial targets.

In total, according to the re-equipment plan of the Southern MD, the 4th Air Force and Air Defence Army will have received over 35 pieces of modern military aerial equipment by the end of the year.

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