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Program of the IX Moscow Conference on International Security



15.00   Arrival, hotel check-in, registration of foreign participants of the conference



09.00-18.30   Registration of the conference participants

10.00-16.30   Visit of the conference participants to the facility of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

19.00-21.00   Welcoming reception for foreign participants of the Conference on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Colonel-General  Alexander FOMIN



09.00-10.00 Opening of the Conference

  • Welcome address by the leadership of the Russian Federation
  • Opening Statement by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergey Shoygu
  • Others statements

10.00-11.30 Plenary Session:

Strategic stability: transformation and prospects

  • Strategic world environment, assessments, and trends
  • Uncontrolled proliferation of WMD and means of delivery
  • Cybersecurity
  • Contemporary threats to military security

11.30-12.00 Coffee break

12.00-13.30   Plenary Session 

The Asia-Pacific region in the context of global politics

  • Contemporary threats and challenges to security in the AP region
  • Military construction and interaction of defense agencies
  • Strategic concepts of the region’s security
  • Threat of a large-scale arms race in the AP region
  • Multilateral dialogue and extra regional partners

13.30-14.30   Lunch break

14.30-16.00   Plenary Session

The role of military agencies in fighting against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19

  • countering the spread of a new coronavirus infection among personnel of the armed forces
  • organization of combat training and daily activities of troops under conditions of a new coronavirus  infection pandemic
  • COVID-19 and interaction of military agencies

16.00-16.30   Coffee break

16.30-18.00   Plenary Session

Information security: problems and solutions

  • Falsification of history as an element of information warfare
  • Cyber threats and information warfare
  • Disinformation and «fake» news: trends and features

18.00-19.00   Break

19.00-20.30   Reception on behalf of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergey SHOYGU



09.30-10.00   Opening of the second day of the conference

  • Statements by the leadership of the Russian Federation

10.00-11.30  Plenary session

Military and military-technical cooperation in Africa and the Middle East as a major factor in strengthening regional security

  • Urgent problems of the region’s security
  • Russian contribution to cooperation at the regional level
  • Military cooperation and security in Africa and in the Middle East
  • Military and technical cooperation as an important element of cooperation of Russia and African and Middle Eastern countries
  • Building of national armed forces: challenges and solutions

11.30-12.00   Coffee break

12.00-13.30   Plenary Session

Military cooperation as a tool for countering regional challenges and threats in Latin America and the western hemisphere

  • Threats and challenges to the region’s security
  • Extra regional impact on Latin American countries
  • Role of national armed forces in ensuring regional stability
  • Military cooperation of the countries of the region and extra regional partners
  • Priorities and prospects for military cooperation

13.30-14.00   Coffee break

14.00-15.30   Plenary Session

European security: trends and prospects

  • Intensification of military activity in the region
  • Arms control, current status and prospects
  • Multilateral dialogue in the field of security, conflict prevention
  • Confidence-building measures and transparency of military activities
  • Post-INF Treaty

15.30-16.30   Lunch break

Departure of the conference participants

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