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Defenders of Friendship-2016 joint Russian-Egyptian counter-terrorist exercise


Defenders of Friendship-2016, joint Russian-Egyptian counter-terrorist exercise, is held in the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt on October 15-26, 2016.

Units of the Russian Airborne troops and Airborne troops of Egypt (more than 500 servicemen in total), 6 airfields, more than 15 different aircraft, and 10 pieces of military hardware, which is to be airdropped, are involved in the exercise.

The exercise is controlled by operation groups of both countries from the joint command center, which had been formed at the El Hammam military base.

This is one of the first opportunities for the Russian paratroopers to participate in the joint exercise held in the territories of the African continent.

The military servicemen are to practice interacting while preparing and holding combat actions aimed at blocking and eliminating illegal armed formations in a desert.

Russian and Egyptian servicemen are to perform parachute jumps from the altitudes of 2000-7000 feet. Different aircraft with different aerodynamic characteristics flying with different speeds will be one of the peculiarities of the joint exercise. 

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