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28.11.2018 (10:17) Russian engineers clear up over 32 ha of jungles in Laos Specialists use latest search tools - the MG-1 deep metal detector, the Os portable magnetometric gradiometer to detect hidden ferromagnetic objects.
20.11.2018 (19:00) Russian engineers demine 21 hectares of the territory of Laos All the explosive ordnance, found by the specialists, refer to cluster bombs BLU-26, BLU-63 and BLU-3B left after American bombardments in the period 1964-1973.
04.11.2018 (12:45) Russian specialists of the Russian Mine Action Centre start training of Lao engineers At the end of the course, Laotian servicemen will be handed over certificates of a standard form to confirm training at the IAMC of the RF Armed Forces.
19.10.2018 (10:30) Specialists of International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces meet with pupils of Russian Embassy School Officers told the teenagers about importance of tasks assigned to the detachment that has arrived in Laos to assist in mine clearance operation in the country.
16.10.2018 (14:11) Russian and Lao engineers exchange experience in humanitarian demining Russian engineers familiarised their Lao colleagues with state-of-the-art mine detectors such as IMP-S2, MBI-P2 mine detectors and OVR-2 protective suits.
15.10.2018 (17:42) Russian engineers start mine clearance in Laos The ceremony dedicated to the start of dangerous and complex work was attended by Lao Deputy Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Onsi Sensuk, representatives of the Directorate of the Chief of Engineers of the Russian Armed Forces, heads of the administrative regions of Bolikhamsay province.
12.10.2018 (13:54) Engineers of International Mine Action Centre survey in forests of Laos During the five-months mission they will clear over 100ha of forested area from explosive devices left after American bombardments in the period from 1964 to 1973.
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