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Igor Mihaylik

Igor Mihaylik

Chief of the Russian Armed Forces International Anti-Mine Center


Born 22.11.1966 in Liski (Voronezh Region)

In 1989 graduated from the Kaliningrad Higher Engineer School of Engineer Troops. In 1999 graduated from the Military Engineer Academy

1989-1996 served on various command billets in Odesskiy MD and in Pridnestrovie (Republic of Moldova)

1999-2001 - Senior Staff Officer in North Caucasus MD.

2001-2004 - Chief of the Staff of the North Caucus MD engineer regiment and engineer brigade

2004-2007 – Moscow MD regiment commander

2007-2011 – Head of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Combined Arms Academy, engineer faculty.

2011-2014 – South MD engineer brigade commander

In December 2014 by the order of the Minister of Defence was appointed the Head of the Russian Armed Forces International Anti-Mine Center.

Decorated with “For Merit to the Fatherland” 2nd Class medal and other medals.

Married, has 2 children.

The head of the Russian Armed Forces International Anti-Mine Center Igor Mihaylik

A psychologist, a legal advisor and five deputies (the deputy head of the center, the deputy head of the training branch, responsible for personnel issues, responsible for logistics, responsible for fieldwork) report directly to the head of the center.

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