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Combat Service Support in the Russian Armed Forces

Combat Service Support (CSS) within the Russian Armed Forces is organized and provided in all routine and combat activities in order to maintain combat readiness of troops.

The CSS is controlled by the сentral command and control bodies subordinate to Deputy Minister of Defence General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov.

Dmitry Bulgakov

Deputy Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, General of the Army

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The CSS provides the following services to Russian Armed Forces:

  • Supply armaments and hardware to troops;
  • Provide fuel distribution;
  • Feed, clothe, and provide personal services and recreation for troops;
  • Provide personal demand items;
  • Provide clothing exchange, laundry, showers, textile repair, food services;
  • Repair railways and highways to the facilities of the RusMoD.
  • Move and transfer units, personnel, equipment;
  • Receive, store, register and distribute materiel assets;
  • Help to maintain, repair, and operate armament, hardware and equipment;
  • Maintain barracks and other facilities in military units, provide utilities;
  • Provide education and training support for further service in CSS units
  • Provide veterinary and sanitation service, environmental control and firefighting services at the RusMoD facilities.

Present-day CSS Central Office is comprised of:

  • CSS Staff of the Russia’s Armed Forces;
  • Department for Transport of the Russia’s Defence Ministry
  • Department for maintenance and housing utilities of military bases and organizations of the Russia’s Defence Ministry
  • Directorate for Subsistence of the Russia’s Defence Ministry
  • Main Automotive-Armored Tank Directorate of the Russia’s Defence Ministry
  • Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Russia’s Defence Ministry
  • Main Directorate of the Railway Troops of the Russia’s Defence Ministry
  • Directorate for Meteorology of the Russia’s Defence Ministry.

CSS is responsible for:

  • Planning of CSS within the State Armaments Program, State Defence Order and budget obligation limits;
  • Organization of supplies and services in accordance with state contracts;
  • Monitoring armament, hardware and other materiel availability in troops;
  • Control quality of ration for servicemen;
  • Legal support;
  • Developing and equipping CSS services;
  • Training of commissioned and non-commissioned officers in CSS specialties.

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