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20.09.2021 (17:15) Specialists of the CSS of the combined arms army of the WMD for the first time used mobile camouflage of field refueling points at the exercise JSE Zapad-2021 The system of false signs helped to divert the conditional missile strike from the real point.
20.09.2021 (16:30) Echelons with military equipment and personnel of the WMD tank army arrived in the Moscow region after participating in the JSE Zapad-2021 Having completed marches extending over 800 km, motorized rifle, tank, artillery units and support units after unloading will carry out maintenance of weapons and military equipment and prepare for the new training period.
20.09.2021 (16:00) Medical armored vehicles Linza were used for the first time at the SCO countries' exercise near Orenburg The first batch of 10 vehicles entered service with the peacekeeping brigade of the guards combined arms army of the Central Military District in May 2021.
20.09.2021 (15:15) The representative of Tajikistan stated the relevance of the Peace Mission exercise against the background of the aggravation of the situation in Afghanistan The joint anti-terrorist command and staff exercise of the armed forces of the SCO countries started on September 20 at the Donguz training ground in the Orenburg region.
20.09.2021 (14:30) A unit of the WMD tank army equipped with the Iskander missile defence system returned to the PDP after successful missile launches at the JSE Zapad-2021 The launches at the Mulino test site in the Nizhny Novgorod region were carried out for the first time.
20.09.2021 (13:00) The opening ceremony of the joint exercise Peace Mission – 2021 was held at the training ground near Orenburg At the beginning of the event, the commander of the coalition group of troops (forces), Lieutenant-General Yevgeny Poplavsky, reported to the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, about the readiness of the participants for a joint exercise.
20.09.2021 (09:00) The crews of fighters and bombers of the VKS worked out flights with refueling in the air Refueling in the air took place at altitudes of 5-6 thousand meters at a speed of about 600 kilometers per hour at a distance of less than 20 meters between attack aircraft and Il-78 air tankers.
20.09.2021 (07:30) EMD servicemen crossed the state border of Russia and Mongolia to participate in the international exercise Selenga-2021 The joint Russian-Mongolian military exercise will take place on the territory of Mongolia, at the Doityn Am training ground in the suburbs of Ulaan-baatar
20.09.2021 (05:01) Russian peacekeepers solve more than 100 different social issues of residents living near the line of demarcation of the parties in Nagorno-Karabakh every day Russian peacekeepers continue to provide comprehensive assistance to representatives of the local authorities of the settlements of Nagorno-Karabakh in solving comprehensive issues of local residents
20.09.2021 (05:00) The troops of the Western Military District after the JSE Zapad-2021 return to the points of permanent deployment from the Mulino training ground and from the Republic of Belarus Military units make marches to railway stations, where they load onto railway platforms. About five military echelons have already arrived at their destinations, where specialists have been engaged in servicing weapons and military equipment. Several more echelons with equipment and personnel are on the way.
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