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03.04.2020 (16:30) The Serbian Defence Minister thanked Russia for the assistance of Russian Armed Forces specialists in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection "This cooperation shows that now Serbia will never be alone anymore," Alexander Vulin said.
03.04.2020 (15:41) The first plane arrived in Serbia with a group of Russian military specialists and equipment for disinfection measures After specifying the areas of deployment, military doctors and virologists of the Russian Defence Ministry will begin to perform tasks to help Serbia in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection.
03.04.2020 (14:00) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Timur Ivanov visited the construction site of a multifunctional medical center in Nizhny Novgorod This important facility will be the first of 16 under construction and will be completed 10 days earlier than the planned date.
03.04.2020 (12:15) The first Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew to Serbia to assist in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection The aircraft will deliver an advanced group of military doctors, specialists in virology and epidemiology with modern equipment for epidemiological diagnostics and disinfection actions.
03.04.2020 (11:50) Russian Defence Minister gives instructions on creation of air group for the prompt delivery of assistance to Serbia For the transfer of personnel and equipment, it is planned to carry out 11 aircraft flights of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.
02.04.2020 (16:51) Russian servicemen in Transnistria held a communication training Signalmen learnt the procedure for deploying communications and organizing binding to a fixed communications centre via wired and radio-relay communication lines, and also examined issues of protecting communications from radio reconnaissance.
02.04.2020 (16:06) Over 1,500 pieces of modern equipment will be delivered to the Land Forces this year All samples of equipment have successfully proven themselves when used in various climatic zones.
02.04.2020 (13:46) Baltic Fleet сorvettes Steregushchiy and Soobrazitelny complete training anti-submarine missions at sea In addition, their crews organized interaction and communication between the ships conducted joint maneuvers, as well as intra-ship training on NBC protection as well as damage control.
02.04.2020 (12:37) Squadron of the latest Su-25SM3 assault aircraft in the Kuban complete training launches of unguided missiles Aircraft approached targets at low altitudes outside air defence detection zone by anti-aircraft maneuvering.
02.04.2020 (12:27) Crews of Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun complex hold exercise in Kuban The air situation and missile flight paths were modeled using electronic air defenсe systems and airborne enemy radar detection equipment.
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