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20.04.2021 (18:15) Two Tu-160 strategic missile carriers of the long-range aviation perform planned flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea All flights of the Russian Aerospace Force are carried out in strict accordance with the International airspace management system.
20.04.2021 (17:25) A Board session of the Russian Defence Ministry was held in Moscow under the leadership of the head of the military department Issues related to the construction of shelters for aircraft, the implementation of the plans of the Southern Military District and the Northern Fleet, and the prevention of a new coronavirus infection in the Russian Armed Forces were discussed.
20.04.2021 (17:15) The third stage of the Warrior of Peace competition among the military personnel of the WMD has started in the Moscow region In total, 33 servicemen will compete at this stage of the competition, of which 11 are members of female gender.
20.04.2021 (14:30) The WMD mortar men destroyed more than a hundred objects of the mock enemy in the Leningrad region More than 150 military personnel and about 30 units of combat and special equipment of mortar units were involved in the control check.
20.04.2021 (11:30) The district stage of the contest Warrior of Peace among the military personnel of the Eastern Military District has started in Transbaikalia The best military personnel at the end of the competition will be part of the team of the Eastern Military District and will perform at the all-army stage, which will be held in June this year in Sevastopol.
20.04.2021 (09:30) All-army stage of the competition Military Medical Relay Race started in North Ossetia During the week, the contest participants will compete in shooting with standard weapons and in overcoming the obstacle course.
20.04.2021 (08:00) The district stage of the Games-2021 Sniper Frontier competition has started in the EMD In total, almost 60 servicemen of the Eastern Military District will take part in the district stage of the Sniper Frontier competition.
20.04.2021 (05:30) In the Northern Fleet , an interspecific command post exercise has begun, which is being held under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy At various stages of the interspecific exercise, nuclear and diesel submarines, support vessels, army corps units, aircraft, military and special equipment of the air force and air defence army of the Northern Fleet will be involved.
20.04.2021 (03:15) Russian peacekeepers cleared 5 ha of the farmland at the outskirts of the settlement Krasny Bazar and escorted the pilgrims to the monasteries Amaras and Dadivank The humanitarian demining unit servicemen of the Russian peacekeeping contingent conducted a continuous cleaning of about five hectares of farmland.
19.04.2021 (14:30) The all-army stage of the Games-2021 Military Medical Relay Race competition has started in North Ossetia 11 teams from all military districts, the Northern Fleet, Airborne troops, Strategic Missile Forces, the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Defence Ministry, the Military Medical Academy and DOSAAF take part in the competitions.
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