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25.02.2021 (17:20) Russian Defence Minister held talks with the head of the Defence Ministry of Kyrgyzstan General of the Army Sergei Shoigu and Major General Taalaibek Omuraliev discussed issues of cooperation between the two countries in the field of defence and maintaining stability in the Central Asian region.
25.02.2021 (10:00) The sea minesweeper Valentin Pikul is returning from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea The minesweeper performed the tasks as a part of the permanent grouping of the Russian Navy in the far sea zone from December 2020.
25.02.2021 (05:30) Ships of the Primorsky formation of the Pacific Fleet's mixed forces performed artillery training in the Sea of Japan Today, the modernized frigate of the Pacific Fleet Marshal Shaposhnikov began to work out the elements of the K-2 task.
25.02.2021 (05:00) More than 690 explosive devices were defused in Laos by Russian engineers Explosive devices detected by Russian sappers are of the American-made BLU-26, BLU-63, and BLU-3B cluster bombs, as well as artillery ammunition of various calibers.
25.02.2021 (04:00) The second stage of the competition Confident Reception in the EMD ended in the Republic of Buryatia According to the results of the competition, the first place in the second stage of the competition was taken by the command team of the formation.
25.02.2021 (03:00) Russian peacekeepers assisted in the resumption of the operation of the Lachin hydroelectric power station At present, Russian peacekeepers ensure the safety and unimpeded access of power engineers to carry out maintenance work on the units and systems of the power plant.
24.02.2021 (19:15) Moscow hosted a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Executive Committee of the CIS, specialists of the Secretariat of the CIS Council of Ministers Its participants considered organizational issues related to the preparation of upcoming joint events, which will be held at the sites of the International Military Center.
24.02.2021 (15:25) The Northern Fleet frigate Admiral Kasatonov performs the long range campaign tasks in the Aegean Sea The Russian sailors master their maritime skills and conduct the ship exercises on different types of defence of a single ship during the passage by sea.
24.02.2021 (14:00) Russian Defence Ministry hosted a meeting on organizing the scientific and business program of the ARMY 2021 Forum During the discussion, the participants focused on the need to focus the main efforts of the military command and control bodies on the planned and high-quality preparation of each event of the scientific and business program.
24.02.2021 (09:30) The first stage of the competition Sea Cup-2021 is held at the Black Sea Fleet The competition is planned in Caspian Sea on the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran.
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