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29.01.2015 (15:00) The Southern Military District aviation rescue servicemen will take part in the training held in the Rostov region During the training each expert will conduct about 30 parachute jumps using modern systems "Arbalet-1", "Malva-24" and "D1-5U".
29.01.2015 (13:15) Peacekeepers of Central Military District started studying English at a growing rate The lessons are conducted by officers of the Linguistic center of the Ministry of Defence.
29.01.2015 (12:31) The Baltic Sea Fleet guard ship Jaroslav the Wise has left the port of Tartus During the long campaign this ship passed 23000 nautical miles and visited about 10 foreign sea ports.
29.01.2015 (09:27) The Northern Sea Fleet marines started the modern APC BTR-82AM practice The BTR-82AM exceeds firing capabilities of the previous vehicles. It is armed with the 30mm automatic coaxial gun with 7.62mm PKTM machine gun.
29.01.2015 (06:44) The Far Eastern Military High Command School will graduate more than 200 civilian specialists in 2015 During last six years the Military High Command School trained 4500 civilian specialists.
29.01.2015 (06:23) The Eastern Military District snipers will handle new weapons and equipment and develop their professional skills within the exercise The servicemen will perform organic weapon, including large-caliber ASVK sniper-rifle, firing.
29.01.2015 (03:01) The long-range aviation crews successfully performed the aerial guard duty tasks The track was laid through the neutral waters of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
28.01.2015 (19:00) Servicemen of the reconnaissance and special units started training in mountainous regions Servicemen will improve their skills in passing snowy hills, mountain slopes and rises with organic equipment and weapon.
28.01.2015 (17:10) Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov visited Russian military base in Tajikistan Anatoly Antonov saw how the Russian servicemen live, cultural and everyday aspects of social life and building of modern dormitories.
28.01.2015 (11:57) The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu took part in the opening ceremony of the military artists’ exhibition held in Moscow Manege The Minister of Defence stated that the exhibition is a gentle reminder of the Second World War for those who try to overview its results.
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