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10.02.2015 (15:34) The Armed Forces Mountain units’ servicemen get ready for the Edelweiss Raid 2015 International Contest The contest will be held from 22 to 27 February on the Austrian Armed Forces 6th Infantry (mountain) brigade located in Absam.
10.02.2015 (14:41) The Black Sea Fleet Coastal Troops resumed training at the Angarsky training ground For a long time this training complex was out of operation but within the shortest possible time its personnel got the complex ready for holding exercises and firing training.
10.02.2015 (13:07) Open Day in the Krasnodar Military Educational Scientific Center of the Air Force (MESC AF) Visitors will learn how the Su-35S, Su-34, Su-30SM, MiG-35, MiG-29SMT crews are trained and will also examine barracks, mess and other facilities of the educational establishment.
10.02.2015 (12:35) The Baltic Sea fleet warships have come to the port of Ceuta situated on the African coast The “Yaroslav the Wise” guard ship and the “Kola” tanker will stay in the Spanish exclave up to the 12th of February and then will set a course for the Atlantic.
10.02.2015 (11:21) The Eastern MD Electromagnetic warfare formations will be equipped with modern complex “Murmansk” The “Murmansk” automated warfare electromagnetic warfare complex is mainly designed to conduct short-wave communications jamming of the enemy forces control.
10.02.2015 (10:35) The Southern MD reconnaissance men develop their combat skills The Southern MD reconnaissance and special units practice at 7 training grounds of the District. About 2000 servicemen and 200 equipment units and vehicles are involved in the training.
10.02.2015 (09:15) The “Iskander-M” crews of the Eastern MD have started training practice The training activities will culminate with the tactical exercise at one of the firing ranges in the Amur River Region including operational missile launch.
10.02.2015 (06:29) Salute squadron have started trainings for the celebration of the Defender of the Fatherland Day On the 23rd of February, about 80 pieces of automobile and special equipment, 1 800 salute and 850 blank ammunitions as well as more than 200 servicemen will be involved in the festive saluting in the Eastern MD
10.02.2015 (06:19) Military paratroopers training has started in Trans-Baikalia During the training activities exercises will be performed both on the ground and in the air. The jumps will be carried out at the maximum and minimum altitudes, at the conditions of strong wind and bad visibility
10.02.2015 (03:00) The Ukrainian experts will visit one of districts of Rostov region to inspect military activities in this territory of Russia An inspection is carried out according to the Vienna document of 2011 on confidence-building and safety.
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