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20.02.2015 (06:45) Field encampment for more than 2 000 servicemen has been built at a military firing range in the Republic of Buryatia The servicemen of the Air Defence Troops formations and units who are coming to participate in a large-scale joint exercise of Air Defence Troops and aviation which will take place this March will live in this encampment.
20.02.2015 (06:00) Famous heavyweight mixed martial artist and kickboxer Sergei Kharitonov has given a master class to the apprentices of the Moscow Suvorov Military School. “I advise you to walk through life with sport. It forms the character, true masculinity which you need as future defenders of the Fatherland”, said the champion.
19.02.2015 (20:02) Tactical exercise of the Southern MD Su-24 fighter-bomber squadrons has come to an end In the course of the training missions the crews performed more than 20 flights and spent about 40 air bombs of different types.
19.02.2015 (15:00) “Baltic assault” photo show takes place in Kaliningrad The photo show prepared by the journalists of the “Strazh Baltiki” newspaper describes the large-scale assault exercise of troops and forces of the Baltic Fleet.
19.02.2015 (12:01) Operational readiness test of the airborne formation has been held in the Volgograd region Special attention was attached to the ability of the command and the staff of the formation to maintain the operational readiness and the high level of teamwork within the training missions.
19.02.2015 (11:13) Specialists of the Airspace Defence Forces have started deploying the new radar system The “Nebo-M” mobile multiband radar system is capable of detecting small-sized aerodynamic and hypersonic targets in difficult jamming situation.
19.02.2015 (09:08) Eastern MD reconnaissance units located in Buryatia have started field trainings Within the training missions the servicemen will have to carry out firings, special and PE trainings and practice combat vehicle driving.
19.02.2015 (07:30) The Chelyabinsk High Military School took part in wreath laying ceremony The ceremony commemorated to the Soviet Forces withdrawal from Afghanistan took place in Chelyabinsk.
19.02.2015 (07:12) The Central MD Commander-in-Chief will meet the veterans in order to talk on a subject of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War Tomorrow the Central MD Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky is to meet the veterans in Yekaterinburg in order to talk on a subject of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
18.02.2015 (17:05) Military officials from the main medical directorate have discussed the ways of improving the medical support of recruiting campaigns Today the key officials of the Main medical directorate, chiefs of regional medical services and heads of central military medical institutions have held a teleconference.
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