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11.03.2015 (09:30) Military innovations history counts 95 years On March 11, 1920 the Presidium of the Supreme Council of National Economy of the USSR adopted Regulations of Military innovations department.
11.03.2015 (06:12) Eastern MD signal troops formation to hold contest among signalmen The competition will involve over 200 servicemen of the Eastern MD formations and units. The winners will compete on the district level.
10.03.2015 (19:30) Military medical delegation of the Kingdom of Thailand arrived in Moscow Russian and Thai doctors will talk on prospects of cooperation development and will share experience in organizing operation of military hospitals.
10.03.2015 (18:50) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu visited the Presidential Sevastopol Cadet School The Defence Minister ordered the School Chairman and the “Oboronstroi” Chairman to finish building all facilities of the School until September 1.
10.03.2015 (16:50) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspects Southern MD troops During his visit to the Crimea Sergei Shoigu debriefed the report of the Black Sea Fleet Commander concerning the combat readiness of the Fleet, the creation of a new combined arms group of forces and the organization of necessary infrastructure for new ships.
10.03.2015 (16:14) Two Strategic Missile Forces formations hold command and staff trainings The trainings involve command centres of formations and units as well as logistical supply units of totally 2 000 servicemen and 100 military vehicles.
10.03.2015 (13:07) The Baltic Sea Fleet Coastal troops reconnaissance men practice operating behind the imaginary enemy lines In the course of the field training servicemen practice reconnaissance patrolling, setting ambushes and sweeps, making imaginary enemy communications ineffective.
10.03.2015 (12:05) Engineering units of the Russian military base in Armenia perform training In the course of field training military engineers practice to operate modern special vehicles and to perform supply missions.
10.03.2015 (11:10) Southern MD artillery crews learn to use the newest armament in modern combined arms operations During the field training artillery men practice “Msta-S” and Tornado-G” firings.
10.03.2015 (08:01) “Military family” sports event took place in Saint-Petersburg Over 200 Western MD staff officers and members of their families took part in the event.
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