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26.11.2021 (13:00) In the Peter the Great Gulf, the crews of Ka-27PS helicopters of the Pacific Fleet Naval Aviation conducted training in search and rescue of people The task of the training was to check the systems of aviation equipment after seasonal maintenance and improve the skills of the crews of Ka-27PS helicopters when performing search and rescue of people in distress conditionally.
26.11.2021 (12:30) MiG-31 and Su-35 fighters' pilots of the Western Military District complete flights as part of groups in the Tver region The main purpose of the flights was to increase the efficiency of the actions of the crews of operational-tactical aviation when performing tasks as intended.
26.11.2021 (07:00) Russian and Mongolian pilots established twinning ties of aviation regiments During the visit, the Russian delegation visited the Mongolian Air Force aviation regiment stationed at the Nalaikh military airfield in Ulan Bator city, where the Mongolian Arat aviation squadron of the USSR Armed Forces was previously based.
26.11.2021 (05:00) Central Military District Mi-8 crews training ends in mountains of Western Sayan in Tyva Republic In total, 10 Mi-8AMTSh-V helicopters and more than 100 military personnel were involved in the exercise.
25.11.2021 (16:45) Servicemen of the Central Military District conduct shooting with recruits of CSKA sports company near Samara The combat shooting was attended by 40 recruits of the CSKA sports company, who represent 20 Olympic sports and are members of the Russian national team.
25.11.2021 (15:45) The crews of the army aviation of the WMD destroyed the infrastructure of the mock enemy at the training ground in the Leningrad region Unguided S-8KOM aviation missiles, GSh-30 automatic 30 mm cannon and P-50 training bombs were used as weapons of destruction during the exercise.
25.11.2021 (13:00) Airborne training session is being conducted with the marines of the Black Sea Fleet Servicemen make jumps from a Mi-8 helicopter in the daytime at permissible weather conditions from a height of up to 800 meters in full combat gear.
25.11.2021 (12:15) The ground-based means of the space forces of the Aerospace Forces took control of the spacecraft launched in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defence Stable telemetry communication is established and maintained with the device, its onboard systems are functioning normally.
25.11.2021 (10:30) Tankers of motorized rifle divisions of the Southern Military District in Chechnya and North Ossetia will master the tactical method tank carousel With the beginning of the planned winter training period, military personnel on T-72B3 and T-90A tanks will begin to improve their skills of firing a mock enemy with continuous firing from standard weapons in practice.
25.11.2021 (08:00) The Aerospace Forces launched the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle from the Plesetsk cosmodrome All pre-launch operations and the launch of the Soyuz-2.1B space rocket (SR) took place in normal mode.
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